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5 Ways Men Can Dress to Impress for Important Business Meetings

For business professionals, there’s nothing more important than meetings with clients, employers, or partners. While how you carry yourself and what you wear won’t necessarily make a deal, it can certainly break one. Let’s take a look at some of the top fashion tips for men, in an effort to ensure you’re looking your best the next time you stroll into a meeting.

Image of two young businessmen communicating at meeting

5 Fashion Forward Tips

While there are dozens of different tips and tricks – and fashionistas will attempt to overwhelm you with their long lists of do’s and don’ts – there are really only five rules that matter. If you can focus on these five things, you’ll be better off than most.

Start by grooming. While the caveman look may have worked in college, it’s not becoming in the professional workplace. However, that’s not to say no facial hair is allowed. If you’re going to keep a mustache or beard, it needs to be trimmed close to the skin (no longer than one-quarter of an inch) and should have a definitive line along the underside of the jawbone. It’s also important to keep all facial hair the same length; otherwise you’ll end up with a patchy, unkempt look. As for your hair, it should be above the ears and the eyebrows in the front. In the back, you neckline should be definitive and neat.