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5 Writing Prompts for Transportation Bloggers

Whether you chose to start your own transportation-based blog because you’re an expert in the field or you were assigned this job as one of the many hats to wear at work, writer’s block happens. It’s especially frustrating for bloggers who are committed to providing fresh content on a regular basis. If your specialty is transportation with an emphasis on moving, how many times can you re-spin the same old content? You might have Google Alerts set up for key words like “moving costs” and you might start each day checking your favorite news outlets for relevant content, but what if you come up dry?

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Luckily, having a bank of writing prompts at your fingertips can quickly get you out of that writer’s funk. It’s also important to know Life Hacker’s tips for the best time to be creative and capitalize on that window. Writing for any niche blog, especially one that can be arguably dry at times, is a challenge. Here are a few prompts to keep your writing fresh: