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Three Tips for Packing a Moving Truck

Depending on how many personal items you own, packing a moving truck can be a snap or a snafu. Luckily, you should be able to get a feel for how packing your moving truck will go based on how easily you packed your belongings. Just like with packing up your possessions, packing your moving truck requires planning and patience. A good strategy for packing your home, as Two Men and a Truck recommends in this blog post, is “starting with those seasonal items you aren’t currently using and ending with your daily necessities.” The same type of logic applies when packing all your stuff into a moving truck. To keep you on track, here are a few expert tips to make your move go a little smoother.

Packing for a moving truck

Big, Heavy Items Go In First

This is a commonly known rule for packing moving trucks, but it’s worth repeating. While some people subscribe to the school of thought that you should pack all your boxes in first, it’s generally safer to pack your larger items in first, to make sure you have enough room. The type of things you should pack first include washers, dryers, heavy furniture, refrigerators and so forth. also reminds us, “Keep the weight balanced from one side to another.” This will help to make driving your moving van or truck easier.