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How to Successfully Pack for a Weekend Getaway

We’re in the middle of spring and it’s the perfect time to get the girls together for a weekend getaway. And while it’s much easier to plan for a weekend than an entire week, one thing never gets easier: packing. In fact, you could argue that packing for just two nights is harder than packing for an entire vacation. What should make the cut and what should stay at home?

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Give Yourself Choices (But Not Too Many)

The disadvantage of packing for a weekend is that you don’t have an excuse to bring along dozens of choices for each occasion. Look at your weekend itinerary and select two choices for each outing. Going to a nice dinner on Saturday night? Bring two selections. Laying out by the pool on Sunday morning? Bring two selections. You’ll be forced to choose one of them. Anything more than two and you’ll end up packing too much.