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10 Tips for Meeting Project Deadlines Every Single Time

In business, there are always deadlines to meet. Whether it’s a major project with a finish date years down the road or a small task that needs to be done by the end of week, your ability to meet project deadlines will determine how you’re viewed by associates. In many cases, how well you perform under the pressure of deadlines will dictate whether you’re given a promotion or passed over for the next person in line.

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10 Valuable Tips

While each project is different and the amount of resources you have may vary from task to task, these helpful tips can keep you from ever missing another deadline:

Start with a plan. It’s impossible to meet a deadline – or even complete a project – without a plan. Understand that it’s likely your plan will change along the way, draft an initial strategy, and plan for what you’ll need.

Analyze the deadline. Once you’ve hammered out a basic plan, you can begin to look at your deadline. Is it even feasible? If not, now is the time to say something. It’s much easier to adjust a deadline when it’s far in the future, versus 48 hours away. You’ll also have much more lenience when asking for an extension that’s weeks or months away.