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5 Ideas for Designing Your Dream Man Cave

dream man cave

How would you grade your man cave? Do you even have a man cave? If you’re not completely impressed with your secluded space, it’s time to focus on maximizing your designated room and designing a functional, attractive, manly space that makes you the envy of the neighborhood. Here are some design ideas for inspiration and dreaming:

TV gallery wall.

Women have their gallery walls; men have TV walls. Yes, we’re talking about an entire wall of TVs that would rival your local sport’s bar.

No more watching one game on the big screen and another on your phone; a TV wall solves all your problems by letting you watch three, four, or even five-plus games at once. If you are going to install a TV wall, make sure you consult an electrician to get everything properly wired. The biggest issue here is hiding wires and creating a clean appearance.