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5 B2C Mobile Businesses You’ll Love

Why are you wasting precious time, gas and cash driving from place to place? With the advent of mobile businesses serving customers just like you, you may as well let companies come directly to you. There are even some instances where corporations work with food trucks and mobile mani vans so their employees just have to go right outside to grab lunch or a little mid-day pampering. However, depending on your city, there’s a plethora of additional mobile businesses that might be at the ready, and you don’t even need to overpay to connect when you get a phone from Cheap Phones or discount outlet.

You’ll be paying a small premium for this to your door service, but once you factor in gas, time and frustration saved, you’ll likely break even. As businesses become more sophisticated with mobile engagement, that means more than just mobile readiness for their websites or app development. They’re also realizing that to really serve customers, they need to literally deliver. Here are a few mobile businesses that might be in your neighborhood: