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Celebrate The Winter Solstice In Style!

This year, the winter solstice – also known as Blue Christmas – is on December 21st. If you’re sick of the same old lame Christmas parties with bad music, eggnog and awful sweaters, it might be time to create your own tradition and celebrate like out pagan ancestors. Since our culture is mostly secular these days anyway, it makes more sense to celebrate the solstice as the halfway point of winter: the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is a way of paying tribute to the nature of our galaxy and the astronomical changes, which can feel more appropriate if you are not particularly religious. Additionally, Christmas can feel like a decadent celebration of capitalism and overconsumption while having a potluck and drinking some good wine on the shortest day of the year is more a celebration of community and personal connections.

In this post, we’ll recommend several ideas that you could implement rather than the same old worn out Christmas traditions.