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7 Habits of Highly Resourceful People

There’s something to be said for being resourceful. Not only is it smart and responsible, but it can also be financially rewarding. This is particularly true for cost-conscious individuals looking to cut expenses and save money. Do you know how to be a highly resourceful person? Here are some habits you’ll need to adopt:


Use public transportation.

Whenever possible, you should seek to use public transportation. Not only is it cost-effective (allowing you to defer monthly expenses such as car payments, interest, gas, maintenance, and insurance), but it also mitigates your impact on the environmental landscape. Public transportation runs regardless of whether or not you use it, so it only makes sense that you utilize available resources like buses and subways. And in case you were wondering, the estimated cost of owning and operating a vehicle is approximately $8,689 per year.

Use water wisely.

Water is something most people frivolously use without thinking about the consequences. However, as many areas in the United States have recently learned, water isn’t always freely available. Some tips for conserving water and maximizing consumption include harvesting rainwater for landscaping use, collecting water from the shower as you wait for it to heat up, and installing low-flow toilets and other plumbing appliances.