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5 Things to Consider When Incorporating in a State or Country


Of course it’s easier to hand pick where you’ll set up shop or incorporate as a startup or entrepreneur, but that’s not always the easiest time. Maybe your partner is finishing a graduate program, you don’t want to move your kids in the middle of the year, or you have geo-specific responsibilities to consider. However, where your business is located can make a huge difference when it comes to taxes, exemptions, statuses and write-offs. If moving is beneficial to your business and family (if applicable), the sooner the better.

As an American entrepreneur, different states offer different pros, cons, and difficulties when it comes to becoming a small business owner. However, don’t think you have to be “stuck” in the US if that doesn’t strike your fancy. An increasing number of businesses offer virtual offices according to Technology Review, and it’s more possible than ever to operate a “US business” from abroad. Here are a few things to consider if a move or new incorporation is in your future: