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Make Time This Spring For The Guitar

Sure, you could make a New Year’s Resolution at the actual New Year like most people. But then, like most people, you’d have already given up on your goals by now. When roughly 80% of all resolutions fail by mid-February, why would you ever tie your dream to master the guitar with such a doomed date? If you want to give yourself a fighting chance, a springtime resolution has a greater likelihood of turning into a lifelong hobby.

Canadians, Americans living near the border, and anyone else in the Northern Hemisphere are at a disadvantage when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. It’s difficult to find enough motivation to leave your warm and cosy bed when the temperatures drop well below zero, let alone have the energy to tackle a brand new hobby. It’s so easy to snuggle under the blankets, flick on Netflix, and promise yourself that you’ll touch the guitar tomorrow.