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6 Ways to Get Healthy Outdoors

Three people walking in Autumn sunshine with dogs in woodland

You know the usual outdoor health activities like running or cycling, but what if those “basics” just don’t do it for you? There’s great news: there are many ways to get fit outdoors, take advantage of that fresh air, and not feel like you’re “working out”. In fact, the secret to getting fit outdoors is to find something you love that doesn’t feel like a chore. However, that might take a little trial and error to get right.

According to Good Relaxation, there are many benefits to breathing in that outdoor air, and that will double up the health perks instantly. Maybe you’re ready to re-discover an old passion, or finally give that new hobby a try. Here are a few surprising ways to get healthy outdoors, and not one of them “feel like exercise”:

1. Hunting

If you care about eating organically and locally, and you’re a carnivore but don’t like how animals are slaughtered in commercial ways, hunting might be for you. There are all kinds of game available, and some of those epic hunting trips can take a real toll on the body (in a good way). Passionate hunters travel the world seeking out new challenges, and hunting trips can last for days. It’s equal parts hunting, trekking, and the literal thrill of the hunt.