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How to Get First Time Customers to Become Repeat Buyers

A first-time customer making an isolated purchase is great. It allows you to expand your footprint and temporarily increase revenue. However, a first-time customer that ultimately becomes a loyal, repeat customer is far better.

How to Encourage Repeat Business

Customer acquisition is a necessary component of any business – especially a startup or company that’s trying to aggressively scale up – but to make it the primary focus of revenue and growth is a major mistake.

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How to Prepare Your Customers For a Store Relocation

The need to shift the location of your store can develop for a variety of reasons: you need more or less space, you aren’t getting the traffic you need, your lease is up, or possibly something else. Although moving your products and possessions can be enough of a challenge, an array of other issues relating to a business relocation can surface.

relocating to a new store

One of the most vital is maintaining your customer relationships. Below are three tips to help you prepare your customers for the relocation of your firm, if you want to make sure you don’t lose anyone along the way.

Consider your alternatives

Moving to a new business site, especially if you have a large following of customers you suspect may not be enthusiastic about the move, can prove to be more work than it’s worth. Mark Henricks, contributor for, says that if you have been doing business at the same location for many years, you could face a backlash from your customer base and lose a few folks who have been very loyal up to this point.