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3 Ways Net Neutrality Will Affect You Directly

With all the confusion and technical lingo surrounding net neutrality, it can be hard to know exactly what has been voted on, what will change, and how those changes will affect the average American. Since no one truly wants to read the entire document outlining every aspect of net neutrality, here are some key takeaways about how the new rules and regulations of net neutrality will affect you in your daily life.


Your Bandwidth Won’t Get Throttled

Net neutrality ensures that there won’t be any fast or slow lanes for certain types of activities you use the Internet for. This means that you won’t have to give up successfully streaming Netflix so you can successfully stream Spotify. All content should come to you at the same speed. Without net neutrality, companies would have to pay more to the Internet service provider (ISP) in order to make their content get to you faster.

In the same turn, ISPs could also slow down certain content for whatever reason. But with net neutrality, no content will be given second-class status. Had net neutrality not passed, consumers may have had to pay a special fee to get the content they were previously provided, stated Michael Weinberg, VP of the digital advocacy group Public Knowledge.