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7 Things to Consider When Moving into a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be a hectic, chaotic process. From being excited about the new environment, to worried out about everything that needs done, it’s definitely an emotional roller coaster. Thankfully, people move into new apartments every day and are willing to share tips and tricks to make the transition easier. When move-in day comes, here are seven things you don’t want to forget:

Check your lease.

To begin with, take the time to review your new lease agreement. While you’ve hopefully already analyzed the details, it’s good to look at it again, and anything that might apply to you. For example, is there a pet policy that you need to follow? Are there restrictions on where you can park your car? It’s best to understand these from the beginning, rather than figure it out at a less than ideal time in the future.

moving in to a new apartment

Inspect and document.

Most landlords or apartment complex managers will conduct a brief walk through with you prior to moving in. If they don’t, it’s important that you still do it for your own records and peace of mind. Make a note of anything that’s missing, broken, or otherwise different. Make a copy and take it to the manager, if possible. For extra security, take pictures of anything that appears abnormal, as this documentation can save trouble when you move out.