Making Adjustments to Retain Independence as You Age

Many things can change as people age, rendering it necessary to make adjustments. Some changes are inevitable, and there is nothing that can be done about them. Other changes can be made easier with just a few small adjustments. Those who want to retain their independence as they age and stay living at home can modifications to their home and daily care routine to make it possible.

Have a Stair Chair Installed

Over time, the bones and muscles within the body weaken, making it much more difficult to maneuver about the house. Those with stairs in their home may find it extremely tough to make their way up and down the steps each day. A stair chair should get installed to combat this problem. Seniors can simply sit in the chair and get lifted up the stairs to their destination without having to walk the full way. It allows them to still have their independence and keep rooms the same in the house without having to make changes to their chosen setup.