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5 Things You Need for a Rockin’ Rock Garden

When you think of a beautiful garden plot, probably the last thing you think of is a collection of rocks. However, don’t turn your nose up too quickly. A rock garden can make an incredible addition to any yard. Not only is it an attractive piece of landscaping, but it’s also low maintenance and can be customized to fit your tastes and climate. It’s very affordable, since you can collect a large majority of supplies from the surrounding area, and you’re barely required to lift a finger to maintain it once it’s been excavated and planted.


If you want a successful rock garden plot, it’s important to bring the right components to the table. Every rock garden needs the following elements:

1. The Perfect Location

Begin by finding the best location. This largely depends on the layout of your yard. Many people love to heap a mound of soil next to their driveway. Others like to keep it flat and small in a corner of their backyard. It should be away from the general area of traffic and somewhere it can drain easily. The last thing you want is your rock garden to be a big puddle after a rainstorm.