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Is Drowsy Driving Worse Than Drunk Driving?

Drunk drivers are a nightmare on the road, causing extreme risk to those around them. According to MADD, around two out of every three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime, 29.1 million people admitted to driving drunk at some point during 2012, and in 2013, one person died every 52 minutes from an accident caused by drunk driving. It’s an epidemic that has swept the nation since vehicles were invented.

But according to some recent findings, drunk driving may not be the worst threat on the road. In fact, it seems that drowsy driving is actually worse than drunk driving. To prove it, researchers have put both drunk and drowsy driving to the test to determine which is more dangerous to fellow drivers.


Drowsy Driving Worse Than Drunk Driving: Confirmed

The television show MythBusters put the question of drunk vs. sleep-deprived driving to the test. This after one study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 17 percent of all fatal car accidents (one in six) was caused by drowsy driving.