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7 Minutes in Heaven: JJ Abrams Answered Questions on Quora for 7 Minutes

Because of its specific format, Quora provided an opportunity unlike Twitter, Facebook, or other social media outlets for fans to engage with Super 8.

I must admit I have never tried out Quora. So far plain old Google and Wikipedia does the job for me. It might be time though to get an account and check it out if I want to keep up with trends.

Since It Can’t All Be About Books

A good example of throwing in a personal post now and then.

The BlogLily Summer Reading Program

The boomerang is the perfect symbol for what happens when you become an enthusiastic reader. You read that book and your first reaction is almost always to tell someone else about it. And before you know it, they’re telling you about the book they just read that you’ll like too. That’s about the path of a boomerang, isn’t it?

Since I could read and all the way through highschool I went regularly to the library, to lend books and to study. I must say I miss it, the public library here is very sterile and uninviting. Good libraries are a dying species.

Notable  – Content Marketing Singapore

According to an article in TechinAsia last year content marketing still has not reached its full potential with many businesses not understanding how to use content to reach new audiences. The author, Carmello Hannity says that there is a strong opportunity for brands in the region to focus on content which speaks to the traditional values of Asian audiences. have recently launched their own content marketing services for both SMEs and large brands in Singapore and the SE Asia region.

Optimal Taco Ingredient Stacking

The unexpected bonus is that the melted cheese forms a laminating layer over the brittle corn shell, increasing its shatter resistance by an order of magnitude. The result: a hard taco that not only holds onto its ingredients, but also is easier to eat because it doesn’t explode in your hand.

I am amazed at Dave’s dedication to get the best way to stack a taco. Never mind my addiction to MSG in the flavor. I get so frustrated with the shells breaking that I just use a soft tortilla which doesn’t taste the same. Dave’s post is a fine example on why I love weblogs, not even in a food magazine you’ll come across such a handy and detailed tip.

The Network

Noteworthy Content of the Week finally announced one of its most poorly kept secrets – an Android tablet. The Kindle Fire has lived up to its name as it is poised to fire up the already tough competition within the tablet market with a $199 tablet.

Our Kindle Fire impressions and why Amazon is destined to dominate

Much like the original Kindle was designed expressly for reading books, the Kindle Fire is designed expressly to consume other types of media (and a few books too, if that’s what you’re into). Much like the Kindle leveraged Amazon’s extensive e-book catalog to sell books, the Kindle Fire is for those who want a simple device that will let them purchase and enjoy colorful things like magazines, music, video, websites, and some games and apps as well, all of which are sold by Amazon. If you want to read a book or document, you can do that too, much like you can try to browse the Web on the original Kindle. It’s not necessarily designed for reading books, but Amazon is generous with its services.

How to Troubleshoot a Hackintosh

Troubleshooting a hackintosh generally involves a lot of trial and error, many surprises, and plenty of frustration. This guide seeks to take away a little of that frustration by helping you 1) deal with some common issues, 2) figure out issues not discussed here, 3) find people to help you out when you’re stuck.

The Hackintosh is that magical hybrid of geekiness and practicality. It’s enjoying the Apple environment on a budget. But a Hackintosh does not have the stability of the genuine Mac environment, which makes it a bitch to troubleshoot sometimes. This is a great guide for troubleshooting one.

Nerf’s new Vortex blasters: who needs darts when you’re shooting discs?

Remember when Nerf blasters were simple, toy-like affairs? Times have changed, and now we have heavy, belt-fed, battery-chugging monstrosities that appeal to cubicle warriors as much as to children. Our house has a long history of Nerf wars using each new generation of guns, so when I heard that Nerf was releasing an entirely new line of blasters with discs instead of darts, I was both excited and a little hesitant. Would it really be fun to shoot my children and pets with tiny frisbee-style projectiles?

The Nerf guns are one of the hottest toys around not just because kids love them, but also (and probably, more importantly) the dads love them more. You can now add the Nerf Vortex blasters to your growing Nerf gun collection.

The cute ‘n’ kooky world of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japan’s newest pop idol

“I’m interested in exaggerating things,” explains Kyary. “I’ll be trying on wigs and I’ll get interested in seeing what it would look like if I just put them all on at once. Or rather than just having one teddy bear, why not have me completely immersed in hundreds of them?”

Pop culture travels at hyperspeeds in Japan. And a pop star like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a perfect example of how differently stars are look and are packaged in Japan – that is, except for Lady Gaga, who fits perfectly in Japanese pop culture.

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With the impending release of the last Harry Potter movie and the newly announced Pottermore website, it has inspired several webloggers to write creative and factual posts. Even I started reading the whole series with the impending movie release. I got two weeks till the premiere on July 13th and only just now started with book 2.

21 Personal Finance Lessons From Harry Potter

Fred and George love playing pranks. By the end of the Harry Potter series, the twins are no longer just selling their products around school, but they’ve launched their own extremely successful business, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, based on that love.

How Harry Potter Could Influence Ecommerce

By selling D2C (direct to consumer) and removing DRM in favor of watermarking, JK Rowling and company are breaking new ground in online selling. Whether other brands follow suit is yet to be seen, but it appears the consumer and Rowling will both be winners as a result of this move.

Movie Review: Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes right down to it.
At its core, the movie’s moral, much like the comic, is essentially to overcome fear.

I heard only bad things about the Green Lantern, it’s nice to read a review by someone with extensive comic books knowledge. Based on his review I’ll wait for the DVD release, I have been spoiled too much by X-Men: First Class.

Starting a Niche Blog

Leave comments on other niche blogs and link back to your blog when appropriate. Why is this important? Networking is good for freelancers—you never know when you will impress someone and they pass your information along to a potential client. And aren’t you more likely to to get a lead from someone you have something in common with?

Some good advice here if you want to start blogging or getting more serious about it.

Chunking and what to write right now

Rather than fret and worry about the thousands and thousands of words I have left to write, I’m going to try and split things into more manageable, less daunting chunks. Let’s call it chunking.

This is good practice for more than writing only. When coding a website I tend to split the work in categories and tackle them one by one, it can be tempting to jump between Photoshop and back end coding instead of focusing on one at a time.

With summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere I noticed a general slow down of new entries on the 9rules feed and all around the web. Summer, the low season of internet. As long as new content keeps coming, even in lower rate it’s always better than no content at all.

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Not a e-book worm

It shows that while women make up 66% of e-book “power buyers,” in 2009, they were just 49% of e-book customers. The “power buyers,” meanwhile, make up about 18% of the total people buying e-books today but buy a stunning 61% of all e-books purchased.

It’s fascinating how since the release of the Kindle, e-books have become mainstream. I do feel sad about bookshops that have/may have to close due to less sales. Where I live the best CD shop, meaning they had a lot of niche and hard to find music, have closed their doors since iPod and iTunes. The few LP shops have also gone out of business. Even though I own a Kindle I take proud in my bookcase and will continue to buy hard copy,

Why you should enter writing competitions and submit your work to magazines

Scribbling alone in your room is all good and well, but it’s important to pop your head round the door every now and again and say hello to the rest of the writing world.

It might also me good to cultivate a thick skin. On the other hand, just publishing your writing on a weblog and allowing comments will do that.

Fear of death

– she’s alive, and we can’t focus on anything but being alive, because there simply isn’t anything else.

A reminder in an era where we barely take a minute to slow down from working, buying and stressing mostly.

Movie Review: J.J. Abrams’ Super 8

Abram’s Super 8 pays homage most to Spielberg’s 1980?s classics in its last act. Here it is most emotionally gripping and brings into the morality of humanity and our appreciation of life, much like Spielberg did with his classic E.T.

I read from others that Super 8 is this era “The Goonies”. I can’t wait to see it, it will be out in August here in the Netherlands. I always loved movies like “The Goonies”, “Stand By Me” and “The Sandlot”.

Money Doesn’t A Geek Make

These days, almost every tech related issue seems to have the question “How much would it cost to solve this problem?”. That’s a far cry from the original “Where can I find the best hack to make this work?” that I used to have.

My first website was on Lycos I think? I remember I used a Javascript to hide the banner ads. I had a computer I built myself, even added custom led lights to it. Being a student back then I tried to do everything the cheapest way possible instead of just walking in a computer shop to buy a quick fix.

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This week is focused on personal posts, a ‘dying art’. These bloggers write about personal topics on a high non MySpace level. “Slow Days” is a beautiful prose, which I consider a personal post. You can put the personal in any kind of post, it’s the difference between a cold commercial weblog or a weblog with actual social interaction.

Yesterday I read a post on a weblog I follow on how the author just moved. He narrates in a fun way about the perils of moving. I could instantly identify with him just having moved myself. I ended up sending him a mail sharing my own experience. That’s what I like most about weblogs, the sharing and social contact.

A lot of time a tweet is just not enough. Lots of webloggers turn to Twitter telling themselves they have nothing good to write about on the weblog. Your faithful readers rather read two paragraphs of what you have to say instead of nothing at all. There is a lot of irrational pressure on producing posts of high standards. Weblog is free form writing, there is no rule you have to write a minimum of 500 words and have excellent grammar. As long as you put excitement and/or passion in what you have to say. A pro baseball player doesn’t hit home-runs all the time either.

My favorite music year: 1997

So while Puff Daddy made millions on Notorious B.I.G.’s death, I rocked out as some of emo’s most important albums were released: […]

Slow Days

It rains. Starts slowly with a pitter, then a patter, then the sky breaks open, empties itself on us. We are too soaked to run so we walk. We skip, we hop, we dance around each other, we laugh, our voices like thunder.

How to Trick a Girl into Watching a Superhero Movie

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already begun thinking about how you can possibly trick convince the girl (or guy) in your life to see one all of these with you.

The Great Push

I’m talking about the process of figuring out how to use all my skills and interests in the manner that brings me personal satisfaction. What is it that I can ultimately become? That is a unique challenge, and I suspect it isn’t all that common.