Caviar Web App Brings New Eatery Options to Your Front Door


Our daily tasks, like picking up food to go, are getting increasingly outsourced. Whether you use a virtual assistant, courier service, or grocery delivery, there have been a few options for home food services over the past few years.

However, pickings have been slim, with only a few eateries such as Eat 24 participating in app services. But now a new contender has appeared on the scene: Caviar.

This new online food delivery service launched in New York City and Seattle in November 2013, after starting up in their home city of San Francisco. Foodies are thrilled to see some new dining options appear on this website, with local Seattle favorites like Senor Moose, Roxy’s Diner, and Wayward Vegan Cafe signed up as early participants.

New Yorkers have more variety to choose from, with eateries like Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Corner Bistro, Go Go Curry, and Kashkaval delivering piping hot food to your door.

A culture of convenience

How far can we take our digital services? With Amazon Prime and Safeway delivering groceries, virtual assistants taking care of your errands, and hot prepared-food delivery services like Caviar, will we have any reason to leave our homes?

It’s difficult to say how far is too far. But Caviar can certainly help more than hurt: Their user-friendly, graphics-driven menu can help you put together a meal in a snap, whether you and your coworkers are working late on a project or if you’re a family in hurry.

Group scenarios

When you add menu items to your shopping cart on the Caviar website, you’ll notice a small button that reads, “Share your cart.” This lets you share a shopping cart link with you friends, coworkers, and family members.

This way, you can collaborate on a shopping cart remotely, instead of calling everyone to find out their orders. This can be ideal for massive orders.

Once you click this link, you’ll be able to monitor everyone’s orders as they submit them. You can lock the cart from any new additions by clicking on “Lock Cart.” An estimated delivery time range is displayed on the right side of the Shared Cart panel, so you can get an idea of when the food will arrive.

Another feature that sets this food web app apart is live GPS tracking. Have you ever been to a party where everyone is wondering where the food is? Well, now you can quiet anxious queries by pulling up the delivery person’s current location.

Caviar keys into some interesting customer psychology here: It can make customers less impatient by showing them exactly where their delivery is at any given moment.

Quality control

The name Caviar alone conjures ideas of premium food. So what makes their food selection different? The folks working with this start-up collaborate with the restaurants to create unique menus for Caviar members.

This extra bit of quality control makes the Caviar shopping experience unique. A mouth-watering, high-quality photograph accompanies every single menu listing. This lets you get a precise idea of what you’re ordering.

No more mystery sauces and unknown side dishes. The ingredients are specifically delineated underneath each menu item, so there should never be a question about allergies or unwanted components.

Caviar can help us order high-quality local food when we’re burning the late night candles. Businesses in Melbourne should keep an eye out, because Caviar and other food-ordering apps are quickly adding new locations to their repertoire.

We no longer have to plan for a long commute from the home or office during peak traffic times. Food delivery, courier, and grocery services are reinventing the way we approach our daily errands and purchases.

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Popular DSL Internet Providers for Webmasters

There are many tools and resources for modern web developers to pick out the best Internet solutions. But you have to know where to go online to find these links. Sometimes you can find promotional ads and testimonials on other websites, but these are not reliable. How is it possible to gauge quality when selecting a provider?

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I want to share a bit of insight towards locating and purchasing the right Internet connection. You have to understand the limitations of Internet speeds and how DSL connections will compare with other services. The prices are often much more affordable and you can access all of the typical websites you would find online. Be sure to spend a good deal of time investigating the options and weighing out your decision.

Locating Companies

One place to start is at DSL Internet Providers which lists common features and companies you may look into. A big factor to consider is that DSL connections will run through your phone line. This means you need to be prepared to deal with a connection and how your services will run together. It is worth finding a local provider near your home or office so that installation is much quicker and easier.

Businesses and small companies would also be able to put together a bundle of DSL Internet along with their own separate phone line. This is not as complicated as it might sound considering the technology is already available. But this also means you will be paying the same company for your own Internet and phone line connection. The pros and cons should be evaluated, along with the price points and many other factors.

DSL Internet Connections

You can learn a lot by reading other articles online. Many techies have written blog posts and related websites dedicating to explaining solid Internet connections. One good place to start is How Stuff Works for DSL which goes into a much deeper explanation.

I think there are many developers and webmasters who are curious about broadband or fiper optics. These other types of Internet can work fine but they also cost more. It completely depends on your provider and where you are paying for the connection. This article on DSL vs. Cable Modems is an excellent piece worth looking into. The details are not too technical so I’d think that anybody can understand the explanations.

But overall DSL Internet is a great choice for homes and small businesses which can’t push(or can’t access) fiber optic networks. T1 and T3 lines are way too expensive unless you are running servers. Bury yourself into some of the content and see what you can learn. I have been especially pleased reading through the DSL Providers pages to study and understand the technology. Once you know how things work on the backend it will make a lot more sense when the time comes to purchase your own Internet service plan.