Top 5 Technological Solutions for Realtors in 2014


In 2014, savvy Realtors are relying less on paper and more on technology. For example,real estate agents can now connect with vast numbers of potential clients by hosting an open house via virtual technology.

Here are the top five technological solutions and apps for today’s busy real estate agent.

1. Digitize your desktop clutter and file cabinet

You’re always on the go and therefore require a workspace that will support that work style. As an agent, you’ll achieve better organization by eliminating your paper trail and effectively restructuring your administrative procedures.

Here are the several top apps to do it:

  • Right Signature: Sign agreements and contracts directly from your phone with just a fingertip; no need for pen or paper.

  • Google Drive: Access and share any MS documents, including Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, using Google’s cost-free cloud storage.

  • Genius Scan+: Convert any document into a PDF file or JPEG using the Genius Scan+ feature to upload photos.

2. Simplify the open house process

How great would it be to eliminate the pen and paper signature sheets at an open house but still follow up with guests before they even have a chance to drive away? Open Home Pro is the app to do it.

This app replaces your open house sign-up sheet, which so you can gather more qualified leads. It can also automate a follow-up process with potential homebuyers and send them details about a property while the open house is still going on!

3. Share your listings and make them interactive

Let potential buyers have the chance to interact with the neighborhood and your listings before they take the home tour. Apps that make it happen:

  • Pinterest: Showcase the best areas in the neighborhood by utilizing Pinterest’s map feature boards.

  • MagicPlan: If one of your listings contains a unique floor plan, use MagicPlan’s 3D floor-plan feature to highlight its special layout for prospective buyers.

  • Animoto: Turn any of your listing photos into high-quality, amazing video with both text and music.

4. Scale back your equipment and improve your photography skills

Forget the bulky camera. Now you can capture the same level of quality on your mobile device when you photograph your listings. Here are four different apps to help you:

  • 360 Panorama: Give your future buyers a 360° panoramic view of the best features of your listing.

  • Pic Stitch: Show your buyers the lifestyle your particular listings can provide with lists of the best neighborhood shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

  • Camera+: Special effects, photo clarity, exposure control, and digital zoom lead to pro-quality photos.

  • Instasize: Tired of dealing with Instagram’s rules for resizing? Conveniently highlight your listings on Instagram using their original size with the Instasize app.

5. Get creative with technology at the open house

Pique the interest of out-of-town homebuyers or add a sense of uniqueness to your next open house using one of these apps:

  • Google Hangouts: Virtually host an open house on behalf of your out-of-town homebuyers with this cost-free video conference app. Give your future buyers a virtual tour of the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Paperless Post: Make your open house feel exclusive by sending out personal invitations to potential homebuyers and brokers via this handy e-vite app.

When you use these cutting-edge apps, you’ll upgrade your real estate lifestyle, streamline your business, and work more efficiently.

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