Tips for Creating the Perfect Online Registry or Wish List


You’d be surprised how many stores and websites give customers the option to create wish lists or registries for weddings, holidays, baby showers, birthdays, and any other event you could think of. Since it can sometimes be hard to come up with a gift idea, a registry can be extremely helpful, plus they’re easy to create and they ensure that you receive things that you can actually use. However, there are some tricks to creating a good wish list that will help you get exactly what you want.

Creating the perfect wish list

Whe.ther you’re creating a registry for your upcoming wedding, birthday, baby shower, or something else, your particular wish list is going to be completely unique. Don’t leave your guests guessing at what they should get for you when you can make it easier on everyone by creating a concise registry with the help of these tips:

Start early: You don’t want to create a registry a week before the event. Give your guests plenty of time to go shopping or order their gift. If you can plan far enough ahead, it’s a great idea to mention registries right in the invitation.

Register at more than one store: Make shopping as easy as possible for your guests by giving them plenty of options. It helps to include registries for websites like Amazon as well as popular stores like Target or Walmart. Also, by registering at more than one store you have more items to choose from.

Don’t be shy about what you want: Most likely, you’re creating this registry because of some big event that’s happening in your life like getting married or having a child. The people in your life want to help you as much as they can by giving you something that you actually need and a registry is there to help all of you build your future together. Therefor you should be honest about what kinds of things you need, even if they seem boring or silly. If it makes more sense just to ask for cash or gift cards instead, be forthright about it so that your friends and family can help you as best they can, but you have to help them help you.

Go for a variety of items: It’s OK to include items that aren’t really related to whatever event is happening that’s inspiring this registry. If you’re having a baby shower but you could really use new curtains for your house or a new tea kettle, go ahead and include it. That kind of personalization shows that you’re asking for things you’ll actually appreciate and use.

Choose items within a reasonable price range: Obviously you want to include items that people can actually afford. Include those pricier items, like new kitchen appliances for example, but also give people the option of buying more affordable gifts as well.

Be as specific as possible: The whole point of a registry is to let people know exactly what you need, so it’s worth it to take the time and choose specific gifts. If, for example, your birthday’s coming up and you’re creating an Amazon wish list of some new gadgets you’d like, make sure to clarify exactly which ones you want. With technology you especially want to be clear so that you get something that’s compatible with other devices you already have. It’s also nice to give people the option of personalizing a gift if they want to include a special message or give something that’s a little more unique.

Share it: You made the registry, now it’s time to tell people about it. Sharing links to wish lists in emails or over social media is a quick and casual way to let people know how to find your registries and it give them a chance to respond with any questions they have.

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