Technology That Helps You Learn


It’s that time of year again. You’re packing the kids’ lunches, sending them off to the bus stop, and spending a little more time focusing on your personal needs.

While they probably aren’t happy about the transition from summer to fall, it’s much needed. Not only is it time for you to rest up after long vacations, camps, and busy days on the home front, it’s also time for them to get back to work and start learning again.

Equip your young scholar with technology

While you don’t have a lot of say about your children’s curriculum, teachers, or schools, you can prepare your student by equipping her or him with technology that makes the most out of the kid’s time in and out of the classroom.

Here are a few of the best back-to-school tech gadgets on the market:

  • Laptops. If at all possible, help your student out by buying a laptop of his or her own. This gives the student ownership over the studies and allows the child to work freely on projects without tying up the family computer or having to make a trip to the school or public library. Some laptops to consider include the Apple MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and Toshiba Chromebook.

  • Tablets. Looking for something more versatile and portable than a laptop? Try a tablet. While they’re certainly fun gadgets for playing around and doing creative activities, they can also be used for educational tasks. In addition to being backed with a number of useful programs, tablets give your student access to thousands of additional apps and tools to improve focus, accelerate learning, and aid studies. The iPad gets most of the publicity, but you shouldn’t overlook the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

  • Noise-canceling headphones. For students who already have trouble concentrating and focusing on schoolwork, it can be difficult to study when surrounded by external noise. Fortunately, there are noise-canceling headphone solutions that are both reasonably priced and effective. For an affordable solution, take a good look at Audio-Technica QuietPoint headphones.

  • External hard drives. Do you know what it feels like to spend hours working on a document only to lose it to an error, crash, or virus? Don’t let your student experience a similar fate. Purchase an external hard drive to complement the computer. One of the best products on the market is the My Passport Ultra.

Shopping on a budget

Going back to school can be expensive for parents who have multiple children. Instead of stressing out about how much you can reasonably budget and how to ensure your students have everything they need for a successful school year, start researching some ways to save money.

There are plenty of opportunities for savings — even on electronics and tech gadgets — if you know where to look.

Your children deserve every opportunity for success. Don’t send them back to school this fall without the tools they need.

Whether it’s a new laptop and tablet or an external hard drive and noise-canceling headphones, there’s something for everyone. What deals will you find this season?

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