How Technology Can Keep Your Elderly Loved One Out of Assisted Living


Technology has come a long way in helping keep the elderly safe, especially when they live alone at home. If you have an elderly loved one who you worry about, look into the different ways technology can help keep them safe when they’re alone. When you can’t be there, technology can be the next best thing in ensuring their safety and getting them help when they need it.

Home Monitoring

If you just want to make sure your mom is eating, taking her medicine, sleeping, and not leaving doors open, you can have a monitoring system installed to alert you of any changes to her routine. Sensors placed in frequented parts of the house like the front door, the refrigerator, and medicine cabinet will let you know if these areas are being accessed and how often. If there are any changes to her patterns, you’ll be alerted via text message, phone call, or email, so you can stay on top of ensuring she’s taking care of herself.

GPS Shoes

Dementia patients rarely leave the house without getting dressed because their habitual memory is generally the very last thing to go. Because of this, dementia patients who tend to wander off are usually dressed and have their shoes on. Inspired by GPS tracking devices for children, there are now special shoes with a specially fitted GPS device built in to keep track of your loved one. You’ll always know exactly where they are so if the worst happens and they wander off, you’ll know exactly where they are. This is also helpful to active seniors who might have a medical condition that could leave them stranded somewhere.

Medication Monitoring

If your loved one takes a significant amount of medication, you can pay for a device that correctly dispenses their medication at the proper time, dose, and day. This is especially important for seniors who are taking medications in multiple doses. It almost completely eliminates medication mix ups and overdoses because the pills aren’t accessible until their scheduled times. If they don’t take the dispensed medication on time, the device will alarm them to take it.

Bedwetting Alarms

Unfortunately, bedwetting is a side effect of aging. When your loved one is experiencing this embarrassing problem, consider getting them a bedwetting alarm. According to the Dri Sleeper website, these alarms attach to their pajamas and alert the user as soon as it begins to sense any urine. This will wake them up before they completely void their bladder and then wake up in a wet bed. Certain models are more discreet than others, helping curb the embarrassment they might feel over having to use one.

Technology can possibly be the difference in allowing your elderly loved one to remain at home or having to move into assisted care. If helping them stay in their own home as long as possible is important to you, investigate the various forms of technology out there that can keep your family member out of assisted living and in the comfort of their own bed.

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