Alarm App Provides Homeowners Remote-Controlled Security


Eighty-three percent of burglars would try to determine if a home has a security alarm before attempting a break-in, according to a survey conducted by criminal justice professors from the University of North Carolina. Yet the majority of homeowners still don’t have one.

With many security companies now providing a few homeowners 24/7 insight into their home’s activity using a mobile app from, consumers have more reason than ever to contact a specialist in home security for a cost estimate.

How it works

The app, which is available for almost every mobile operating system, gives homeowners access to their homes even when they’re away. It enables them to arm and disarm systems, receive system alerts, and more. The app was recently recognized at the CEDIA Expo as the best HVAC Integration System/Connected Thermostat for its efforts in energy management.

Once the app is downloaded, it integrates with designated alarm systems to provide a homeowner the ability to control the home remotely. From a smartphone or tablet, a customer can determine whether a system is armed or disarmed and change the status from afar.

A consumer doesn’t have to stare at his or her smartphone screen constantly, though. will send notifications through a phone’s alerts so the customer knows immediately when a system is armed or disarmed, when motion-sensor cameras are activated and recording, and more.

Eyes from a distance

One of the biggest benefits of’s app, however, is its ability to display video feeds on some systems. This feature isn’t available through every security system, but for those who are able to access it, the benefits are many.

Parents can check in on children while they’re at work and homeowners can determine whether a pet is getting into trouble while the person’s away. The overall peace of mind that comes with this feature makes the app especially popular with alarm system owners.

But one thing that takes beyond being a mere security app is that it grants homeowners control over home thermostats. This gives a homeowner the flexibility to lower the temperature at home while everyone’s out, then raise it prior to arriving back. This feature helps homeowners save money while also making homes more environmentally friendly.

Homeowners who take it a step further and invest in door locks can enjoy remote locking/unlocking capabilities. No longer will they need to keep a key under the doormat for emergencies. Doors can also be safely unlocked for housecleaning staff or pet sitters without having to entrust those workers with a key.’s sophisticated interface also lets homeowners set up the system to disarm automatically if doors are unlocked between certain hours. Homeowners can also set up codes specific to workers or guests to avoid giving out personal codes.

Additional advanced behaviors can be set up using the mobile app, including having all of the doors in a house automatically lock when a primary door is locked.

How to get it locked in

To get started, consumers must first put a security system in place that will interact with the app. A licensed security company will conduct a home security assessment to determine the structure’s specific needs.

Homeowners will also be given options for locks and video surveillance equipment that can be accessed using a mobile device. Once the home security system is in place, homeowners have only to download the app, connect it to their system, and they’ll be ready to control their home security and thermostats from anywhere.

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