7 Way-above-Average Tech Apps


Tech apps are on the rise in popularity because they make life so much simpler and give an edge to even the most intelligent techie.

Here are seven tech apps you might want to look into.

1. Network Utility / Connectivity Checker

This handy application allows you to check a certain domain name or web server. Finding important facts has never been simpler. Use the ping, port, and scan features to locate the IP address range and get the information you need. There are other apps similar to this one, but none are as luxurious as this one.

2. IPEToolbox

This may not be exactly like that first networking class, but this app can do all your needed calculations just as well. Learn how to write firewall rules and even learn aspects of voice traffic. There are many other apps that contain basic information about networking, but this one goes way beyond the basics and teaches some things you may never have known.

3. 9Bit Labs Simple Network Area Prober

With this application, you can use your Wi-Fi Network to scan the area and find out who or what is nearby. It will list al the hosts who share your Subnet. You can go from there and locate each host’s IP address as well. If that’s not enough info, you can also find out the name of the vendor.

4. Cisco Security Intelligence to Go

This little companion keeps you up to date on the latest security intelligence news. This application displays the top news stories with regard to security issues around the world. You can view, read, and comment on these stories while on the go.

Another wonderful aspect of this application is its ability to differentiate between phishing sites and real ones. When you simply enter the address, you can get access to a huge amount of information on the site in question.

5. Mocha VNC Lite

With this tool, you can control any remote VNC-based server. All you have to have is the IP address and you are set. With the full version, which requires a fee, you can use CTRL and ALT keys as well.

6. Citrix Receiver

You can control remote desktops with this application as well. When you’re away and must have access to your home computer, this feature provides a quick solution to the problem. It may take a little getting used to, but this app will prove to be a lifesaver.

There is an additional feature called DocFinder which provides a way to create or find documents that are stored on your desktop. It’s like a mobile search option. With this application, you can also join GoTo meetings or set up a quick demo account.

7. FileMagnet

With this tool, you will need both the iPhone app and the desktop companion to communicate properly. Once you’re all set up, you can drag documents and files from your desktop to your phone. You can store as many files as you have room for on your iPhone.

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No need to rush home to email that document, and there’s no need to stress over designing that presentation either. Technology has created an app for just about anything you desire. For the latest in technological applications, watch for updates on a regular basis.

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