4 Viable Alternatives to Throwing Away Old Technology and Appliances


Technology changes often. You’ll spend hundreds on the hottest new electronic gadget or appliance, only to realize a week later that a newer, better one is slated to debut later in the week. Your hot new piece of technology suddenly becomes closer to obsolete than awesome.

With ever-changing technology and the constant draw of the latest and greatest, a substantial amount of unused technology and appliances is building up in the world. This raises the question: “What do you do with all your old technology?”

Here are four suggestions.

1. Sell it

Many people choose to sell their old tech items to friends or family, or online, when they replace it with something newer. Perhaps the iPhone 5 is old to the person with the 5s, but it’ll be a great new technological device for someone else.

Additionally, people who sell their old tech items can make a pretty penny on newer items. People are willing to spend a great deal of money on electronics and technology as long as they’re saving a little off the suggested retail value; especially when it comes to Apple products, which are rarely offered at sale prices.

2. Trade it in

Many businesses allow you to trade in your old technology for either cash back or a gift card. Major retailers such as Apple have hired a company that will assess the value of your old products, estimate their worth, and mail you an Apple gift card in that amount when you trade in your old tech pieces.

Cell phone companies such as Verizon do the same. They offer a gift card value good for their products, based on the value of your old Verizon products. It’s not cash, but it’s a great way to save on your next hottest and best piece of technology upon release.

3. Recycle your old technology

Technological equipment isn’t exactly biodegradable, which means it’s not a good thing to toss it in a trash bag and leave it at the end of the driveway for pickup. Instead, find a nearby recycling center that will accept your equipment.

What happens to your tech pieces once they’re recycled will vary. Some companies wipe your pieces clean and donate them to low-income schools and facilities in desperate need of technology to help students and others in need. Others will simply break down the pieces and recycle the materials.

Recycled products can include anything from your old cell phone and your computers to your kitchen appliances and washing machine. You might not love your old fridge, but someone with a small budget and a home to furnish might.

4. Use them for alternative purposes

Not everyone is immune to wanting to hold onto old technology and appliances. Some people have a different idea of how to recycle their technology.

Folks who want to live a little greener or even prepare for the worst have chosen to recycle their own old appliances and tech items to create objects that can be used in alternative ways.

If you have any scientific expertise, this could be a viable option. At the very least it can be an experiment in trying something you find interesting and novel.

Old technology and appliances might seem obsolete once the newest version is available for purchase, but that’s simply not the case. Your old appliances or computers or phones could help someone in need, or at least be recycled so that they’re not polluting the earth in landfills for the next thousand years.

What’s trash to you is not trash to someone else. Look for alternative means for your old technological items to do play a small role in making the earth a cleaner place.

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