4 Reasons the IPhone Is the Apple Product of Choice for So Many Consumers


The iPhone is everywhere. On any given day you probably see hundreds of them without even noticing. Everyone from your 11-year-old niece to your 90-year-old grandmother has one because it’s arguably the best phone on the market.

Ask anyone why he or she has an iPhone and the answer will vary. Some have one because they think it’s the “it” phone. Others have one because they swear by Apple products. Still others have an iPhone because it provides all the access to technology needed to get through day-to-day life.

It’s a phone

The iPhone is, obviously, a phone. It’s the one thing that makes it the complete package in comparison to the rest of Apple’s products. The iPad and iPod can do pretty much anything else that the iPhone can do, but neither can make calls or perform the other phone operations the iPhone can.

Using an iPhone, you can make domestic calls, international calls, multi-line calls and you even have call waiting. Your voice mail allows you to see who’s left you a message prior to listening to it and it provides you with the option of listening to specific voice mails without listening to all messages at once.

Additionally, the iPhone provides text messaging capabilities. What’s great about this phone is the iMessage option, which allows you to see when other iPhone users receive your messages and even at what time they read them.

Furthermore, you have the option of using the iPhone to make video calls referred to as FaceTime. It’s an innovative method of staying in touch with your loved ones near and far.

It’s a camera

When you’re not talking to your mom on the phone or exchanging texts with a friend, you can use your iPhone as a camera. You can take still shots as well as video. The high resolution makes it possible to print photosin many different sizes.

Videos are easily transferred to disc using your computer, as well as uploaded onto your favorite social media sites so that you can share your life with loved ones.

You can listen to music

Many people have both an iPod and an iPhone. However, for those who don’t have the desire to carry around multiple electronics at once, the iPhone works much like your iPod. You can download your music, listen to Internet radio and download music apps. You can listen out loud or you can plug in your ear buds.

Surfing the Internet

The iPhone has an Internet speed that works quickly. You can download anything in a matter of seconds, from navigation to nearby attraction information to your own Internet radio website hosted by Zendy Labs.

With Internet so fast and easily accessible, you can manage your blog, social media pages and music pages all from your iPhone, making it possible for this to be the only piece of technology you carry with you at any given time.

It’s for this reason so many people prefer to use the iPhone over any other phone on the market.


The iPhone is one that came on strong and hasn’t stopped since its introduction. It’s also one of the safest phones with the 5s’ fingerprint recognition technology. Its versatility makes it one of the easiest phones to use and operate, which is one reason so many folks are eager to bite into this Apple.