3 Ways Technology Makes Your Travel Plans Easy


Technology is always changing, but one thing remains the same: technology makes traveling so much simpler. There once was a time when the only way to book an airline ticket was to call an airline or to visit the airport in person.

There also was a time when you had no idea whether or not your flight was delayed unless you called the airport and listened to a long list of options or you went to the terminal and checked the departures and arrival boards on your own.

There was a time when booking a hotel room meant looking for a sign that said “vacancy.”

Today, technology makes travel so simple, it’s ridiculous. You don’t even have to print your boarding pass or visit the ticket counter at all when you go the airport. You don’t have to write down confirmation numbers, print hotel information, or even consult a map.

1. Booking airline tickets

Now booking airline tickets is easier than ever, thanks to your smart phone. You don’t have to go online and book tickets, call the airline, or head for the ticketing counter. By downloading the free apps offered by nearly every reputable airline, you can book a ticket through the app and have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

By creating an account, you needn’t even log in. All you do is enter the app, choose a date, departure, and arrival city, and input your credit card information. Your itinerary is saved right there in the app for you.

2. Using technology as a boarding pass

In the recent past, you could check in for your flight up to 24 hours prior to departure from your home computer and print out a boarding pass there. Of course, that meant carrying around your boarding pass in your pocket or handbag and hoping you didn’t misplace it.

Now you can check in for your flight with your airline app on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet. Your airline will provide you with a boarding pass that you can save and add to your passbook. Then you simply hand over your phone for scanning when you reach security at the airport. It saves time, paper, and effort.

3. Technology and your vacation

Perhaps the best way to book travel using technology is to take advantage of what’s offered in the palm of your hand. There are hotel apps, rental car apps, and everything-in-between apps. You can book reservations at the city’s hottest restaurant using the OpenTable app on your smartphone.

You can use your phone as your navigation system, to book a car service from the air if your flight offers Wi-Fi, and even check out what other people have to say about hotels and destinations through social media apps.

For example, if you’re traveling to New Zealand and you want to travel in a unique style, just pick up your phone at home or even midflight and get online. Search a term such as Campervan Hire New Zealand and immediately see a list of dozens of places where you can hire a campervan.

This takes less than one minute. You can compare prices, availability, and anything else you want to know about in a few minutes’ time and have your ground trip booked before you even touch the tarmac.

The beauty of technology is that it makes the world so much simpler. Aside from allowing you to book travel at a moment’s notice, technology and tech design can change your life. It’s what makes working from home possible, being able to access your files at the office from across the country a snap, and seeing your loved ones all the way across the world a matter of a few clicks.

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