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Trends for Home Improvement and Design Features

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Home improvements that include interior design upgrades are becoming more and more popular. Full kitchen and bathroom renovations are common and people are spending for interesting, attractive and innovative designs to make their homes more efficient, functional and use the existing space in a creative way.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

In family dwellings, where there may be aged parents or boomerang children, kitchens are designed to be used for much more than cooking. A popular trend is to remove a wall between the kitchen and the dining or living room for a larger space. There is often an island put between the rooms. Rather than being behind the scenes, kitchens are brought to the forefront of entertaining in the home. They are used for socializing, eating and schoolwork and are a place where people gather.

With open kitchens, the floors and furniture in the kitchen may harmonize with the connecting room. Rather than putting a tile floor, homeowners are continuing the hardwood floor of the living room to make the area like one big room. The island becomes the focal point with attractive bar stools or chairs.

Eco-friendly building products are also very popular as replacements for old kitchen cabinets or other woodwork. The wood is taken from sustainable forests, and the cabinets are crafted without toxic glues, binders, finishes or added formaldehyde.

Green Home Improvements

Along with eco-friendly wood, there are other ways people are improving their homes and reducing their energy consumption. Light emitting diode (LED) lights have become very cost effective. They come in a lot of different colors and are suitable for under cabinet lights, outdoor lights and much more. Fiberglass doors are another green trend. They are five times more energy efficient than wooden doors.

A Better Use of Space

Unused rooms or areas such as under staircases, closets and balconies or porches are being converted into rooms with a purpose. Home improvement companies are reporting a trend to turn these spaces into offices, hobby rooms, playrooms, family rooms and dens. They become the place for the computer and custom charging stations.

Universal design is a concept that makes a home usable for everyone. The hallways are widened, the doorways are enlarged and appliances are at countertop height and not over the stove. Showers have no thresholds, toilets are lower, and there are safety bars in all the bathrooms. These trends are suitable for the elderly and disabled and perfectly comfortable for everyone else.

For those looking for upgrades that are truly fantastic, they can get an aquarium headboard for their bed, a sandbox for under their feet while they sit at a desk, or a slide that runs parallel to their staircase. Downsizing is another trend that involves people living in smaller urban spaces, making use of each corner rather than large, suburban houses. There’s no end to the imagination of interior design innovators who develop extraordinary concepts for making use of every inch of living space.

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