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Top 5 Ways to Market Your Website Online


In today’s world, having a strong online presence can be a business or individual’s key to reaching that next level of growth and success. There is a lot of advice out there about how to achieve that, how to build a following and create a brand for a person or a business. In fact, there are so many tips and tricks out there that claim to work for anyone and everyone that it’s hard to know what actually works and what doesn’t. This article should give anyone looking to start an online marketing campaign a better sense of where to start and how to improve over time.

Getting Started

When it comes to getting noticed online, it’s easy to get discouraged. Typically, it takes time to gain an audience– the few people who become internet famous over night are just the exceptions. Instead, creating a strong online presence takes time and persistence.

For people trying to promote their website, their first focus should, of course, be the site. It’s much harder to bring in traffic to a boring and plain website. Here are some basic tips for getting a website up to par:

1 – The Nuts and Bolts: Just about anyone can get a personal domain. Getting a unique url for a website has gotten easier and more affordable in recent years, and now having a personalized domain is the standard for even casual blogs. Also, it’s important to keep in mind the amount of traffic the site’s server can support; as a website grows in popularity, it might be time to upgrade the server it uses.

2 – Design: Whether the website is just starting out or it’s been around awhile, a website makeover is always a good idea, even if it’s just a few small changes. In general, a website should be clean, professional, and easy to navigate. On the other hand, there are so many websites out there that everyone wants theirs to be unique. Playing around with the layout, fonts, colors, banners, images, and artwork on a site will change the overall message that it conveys and, hopefully, be the perfect forum for the site’s content.

3 – Content: And of course, the content. Having a beautiful, personalized website is a complete waste if it’s rarely updated, and the content it does have isn’t even worth reading or sharing. A website ought to be updated consistently and include relevant information that will give readers a reason to keep coming back.

Promoting a Website

Once someone has their website up and running, their goal will surely be to get more traffic to it. What’s the point of having a website if no one visits it? Here are five ways to market a website online:

a.   Use Social Media: This is the obvious one, right? Tried and true, if you want to have a strong internet presence, you have to be on Twitter and Facebookk promoting yourself. But that doesn’t always work.

To use social media effectively, it’s important to be engaging. Places like Twitter and Facebook are great places to promote a website, but if that’s all someone tweets about, people will lose interest. Post content that’s relevant to the site, maybe news pertaining to the industry, and interact with other users. This will help grow the network and get more people interested in the website that’s being promoted along with the other content.

b.  Try New Social Media Sites: Twitter and Facebook are the go-to’s, but a lot of people and businesses are finding great success on other, more up-and-coming social media sites. Take Pinterest for example, for awhile there weren’t many businesses using the site, but now a lot of companies are finding new audiences for their products on the now well established website.

c.   Include Sharing Buttons: Some of the more powerful promotion comes from readers. Make it easy for people to share content from the site by including sharing icons on all of the posts.

d .  Create a Mailing List: Sometimes it’s hard for even the most interested readers to regularly visit a website. Setting up a simple email newsletter that features the week’s or the day’s posts lets interested readers stay up to date on the website without having to do much work.

e.   Be Consistent: Getting a hang of social media and gaining an online presence is hard. Too often, people give up too early; it’s those who stick with it and post great content on a regular basis that watch their following steadily, if slowly, grow until they have a massive audience.