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Expand Your Brand With Tumblr


As most successful businesses know, branding relies on spreading your presence across multiple platforms to reach as much of your demographic as possible.

With content marketing via blogs and social media becoming increasingly the norm, many companies are extending their efforts beyond the obvious networks like Facebook and Twitter.

One platform that’s receiving more and more attention is Tumblr, which was acquired by Yahoo! in mid 2013. Consequently, many well-known brands like MTV, Disney, The Gap, and Adidas have integrated this network into their campaigns.

Here are some ways you can follow suit and utilize Tumblr to make your brand more visible.

Stay current on trends

It could be argued that this network is one of the most hip of all social media sites. This is mainly because the primary demographic is young people between the ages of 18 to 34.

Unlike some Baby Boomers and older Generation Xers, most Tumblr users are very familiar with pop culture, memes, etc. Connecting with this audience is a great way to increase your brand’s appeal and reach the maximum number of users.

Since the goal of marketing through this site is to get reblogs, likes, and comments, posting content that’s relevant to popular trends can bring plenty of traffic to your page.

Keep it visual

If you’re looking to write in-depth articles, a blog, directory, or guest postings are great ways to do it. Success on Tumblr typically relies on content that appeals to the eyes and is easy to digest.

That’s why some of the most popular brands stick primarily to visual content like images and videos. A foreclosure listings service might post photos of available properties and brief walk-through videos. If you use images, just make sure they’re high definition and look professional.

Network with others

Unlike many other social media sites where the bulk of the content is unique and created by the user, Tumblr primarily revolves around reblogging. In fact, some accounts only post content that was reblogged from other Tumblr pages.

The bottom line is that it’s completely acceptable and even encouraged to recycle content, as long as it ties into your brand. Since users can see who has reblogged their content, this will lead to some direct traffic for your page. It should increase your follower count and can be the catalyst for future networking opportunities.

Post often

Hitting the right frequency of posts will differ depending on the social media site you’re using. Tumblr happens to be a network where a high frequency of posts is acceptable; many users prefer to follow pages that post on a daily basis.

Due to the ease of reblogging and simplistic dashboard interface, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to generate a lot of content. By simply scrolling through your feed, you’ll have access to a plethora of content that you can reblog with a couple of clicks and all of it will be added to your page automatically.

Insert tags

A big part of maximizing exposure on any network or website is making it easy for people to find. Tumblr has an efficient tagging system that allows you to include relevant tags that describe the content.

They will appear as hashtags at the bottom of a post and increase the chance that interested users will find your content and page. This works in two ways because people can find you through a search on Tumblr.

There are also SEO benefits because you have better odds of being found on Google and other search engines when you have hashtag IDs attached to your posts.