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6 Overlooked Methods of Building an Active Reader Base


Just about everyone has a blog nowadays, but even interesting websites with well-written entries can find it a challenge to attract readers. There is just so much content on the Internet – and million more words and being added everyday.

So this means that putting out great content isn’t necessarily enough. For many, this is frustrating as no one wants to put the time into creating and maintaining a blog, only to have it go unvisited and unread. And, for many bloggers, their website is an opportunity to generate some excess income while doing something that they love, but that isn’t possible for those without readers.

Luckily, there are a few social media tools out there that can help bloggers find their audience. Make sure you know about these six essential ways to bring in readers.

1. Start a Tumblr

Posting the content of a blog on a media sharing site like Tumblr will help get your unique content onto more people’s radars. Setting up social media accounts specific to the blog (that is, using the blog’s title as a Twitter handle or creating a Facebook fan page) is the obvious first step to getting the blog’s name out there, but there are just as many potential readers on alternative or new social media sites like Tumblr, Vine, and Pinterest as there are on Twitter and Facebook.

2. Hit the forums

For blogs that have a specific topic, it helps to reach out to other websites, forums, and message boards that have the same areas of interest. If you can find an online group that focuses on that topic, they’re likely to be interested in a blog that discusses their pet topics.

Don’t approach it like an advertisement for the blog; instead, build a relationship with the people on their turf and invite them to visit your site if they’re curious.

3. Use sharing buttons

If you put social sharing buttons on your blog posts,that will make it easy for your readers to promote your articles on their own social media profiles, which puts you in touch with their friends who have similar interests.

4. Promote what you love rather than bash what you hate

Some bloggers get a lot of attention by attacking people and trends. But if you’re trying to promote a service or sell a product, you’ll catch more bees with honey. Blog posts that promote other sites, artists, writers, creators, and news that relates to your industry will generate much more positive attention for your blog than a steady diet of negative comments.

5. Email newsletters

Creating and circulating a simple newsletter is an easy way to keep readers informed about what’s new on your website.

6. Maintain a presence in the comments section

The best way to get people interested in a blog is to have them participate. Encourage comments and respond to them. Creating a dialogue will keep current readers engaged and can attract others.

Getting a blog together can be time consuming and seem like an overwhelming and daunting task for those who are just getting started; however, breaking it down into small pieces and measurable goals might make it easier. Additionally, don’t think that not being able to do all of these things every day means your effort is wasted – every little bit helps.

Just stick with it and keep your eye out for tools that will make it easier. There are hundreds of new technologies being developed that help streamline the blogging process and can help turn any weekend writing warrior into a modern day Stephen King.