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5 Ways to Earn Money From Your Website While You Sleep


You put a lot of time and energy into building your website and online business. Whether you’re selling products online or you get your money from ad space, there are always things you can do to bring in more traffic and increase the income you receive from your site.

And luckily, some of those things can work for you even while you’re away from the computer. Here’s five tips on ways to make your website work for you.

1. Improve your site’s SEO

Your website’s SEO is like the sign above your store: if it’s well done it will act as advertisement 24/7 and draw more customers to your business. You want people to be able to find your website — otherwise, what’s the point? — and showing up as one of the top search results is the best way to direct people there.

Improving your site’s SEO will draw in more traffic and pretty much let the search engine do the work for you.

2. Get ads and sponsors that are relevant to your readers

The ad space on your website is valuable real estate if you have enough regular traffic, so you should be getting the most out of it. Any website can have Google’s adsense on their sidebar, but that rarely generates a lot of money.

Using that space for ads that are relevant to your business or the topic of your site will lead to more click-throughs from your page and more money in your pocket. Plus, by providing relevant ads you aren’t necessarily annoying your readers but possibly even helping them find deals and products they want.

3. Include better sharing options

Maintaining social media profiles takes a lot of time, as you probably know. By putting sharing options on all your posts and encouraging readers to share your content on their own social media profiles, you’re getting people to promote your website to a wider audience. And you don’t even have to lift a finger to do that.

Of course, for this to work you have to produce content that’s worth sharing and be actively encouraging conversations about that content as well.

4. Include a donate button on your page

This might not be appropriate for every website, but if you want to you can include a feature for visitors to make donations. Musicians and artists should certainly include a way for people to donate if they’re releasing songs or artwork for free.

Musicians can also use a pay-what-you-wish model like Bandcamp has, to let their fans pay what they think is fair; people are often willing to give a lot more than musicians expect. If you’re consistently putting out great content and have a large following, there are probably at least a few people out there who want to support you with a little money.

5. Make things easier for yourself with cloud computing

A lot of people are talking about cloud computing, and it’s clear that the cloud may be looming in everyone’s future. Stay ahead of the curve and switch to a private cloud so you can stop fussing with hardware and software for the business applications you use.

When you’re using the cloud, you can manage your online business with ease and have access to more resources. Cloud computing isn’t just a trend; the sooner you switch, the sooner you can manage your business more efficiently and free up time to focus on other aspects of your operation.

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