Marriages Do Not Need to Grow Stale – How to Rekindle the Love


One of the recent trends in the United States is the apparent belief among many young couples that their marriage will eventually turn into a routine and standard companionship. The spark of love, excitement, and laughter will be replaced by habitual evenings tending to the children and other grownup obligations.

There’s no denying a certain amount of truth in this grey notion, but there’s also room to believe otherwise. What most couples may fail to understand is that a relationship always remains in the hands of the people who are in it.

Love is a phenomenon whose flame can keep flaring. If has already dimmed and fizzled, there are ways to bring it back to life.

Show love and say it

One of the main reasons that couples can lose the romance is that either one or both partners forgets to show signs of affection. Keep in mind, though, that affection doesn’t always have to come in the form of gifts.

If money is tight, opt for something simpler and possibly more meaningful. For example, greet your wife or husband warmly, hold hands, flirt randomly, make a surprise dinner or lunch date, or leave a warm message on the person’s mobile.

You could even leave random and caring Post-It notes for your partner to run across while you are away. Small gestures like these will do wonders to solidify your relationship and rekindle feelings of love.


Another great complaint among couples is that one or both partners is bad at listening. Listening skills are something that are drilled into children, but as adults, they too often disappear.

According to the Huffington Post, couples need to listen to each other with an open heart, ask questions, show interest, give advice, and seriously consider one another’s point of view. These techniques will create a stronger bond and indicate to your spouse that true care and compassion are still there.

Date time

Whoever said that dates are only for singles seems to be confused. Even in marriage, couples should go on dates.

They don’t need to be expensive — a drain on the shared wallet; there are dozens of great economical date ideas you can choose. According to The Savor Blog, a few ideas include winter ice skating, a food cart tour, a mini road trip to weird attractions, a visit to a local planetarium, volunteering, cooking at home together, and finding a local fair.

Marriage dating is a great way to have a great time together and strengthen your companionship.

Say “I love you”

Finally, do not forget to tell your spouse that you love him or her … and you’d better mean it. While the words are a simple gesture, when there is truth and conviction to them, they truly do make a world of difference.

Marriage does not need to be weighed down by the trials of life. If you follow the above tips, and keep communication, dating, and attention in the picture, a marriage can stay on track to remaining healthy and loving.

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