How Confidence Contributes to Personal and Professional Successes


After years of turning into their mothers, women are pushing back the clock to feel more youthful and beautiful. This beauty has unleashed a new sense of power for women, whether they’re at home, in the workplace, or out in society.

Confidence depends on more than appearance. A positive self-image goes a long way toward how women carry themselves and their residual impact. For women dealing with visible signs of aging, a 35% reduction in wrinkles can make a massive difference in self-esteem.

The value of confidence

Self-confidence is more important than you may think. While most people don’t like someone who’s arrogant, self-righteous, and conceited, a healthy level of confidence is attractive.

It feels good to the person who exudes confidence, and is generally appreciated by the people around her. Below are a few specific benefits of self-confidence in everyday life:

  • Happiness. One of the major benefits of self-confidence is happiness. Self-confidence empowers you to take on things you didn’t otherwise think possible. In turn, you find open doors you didn’t even know existed. Self-confidence helps you take control of your emotions and focus on the positives over the negatives.

  • Social comfort. One of the major areas where self-confidence is clearly observed is in social situations. When you are sure of yourself, you’re more apt to meet new people, converse, and interact with them without the fear of rejection or humiliation. While you might still encounter rejection, self-confidence takes away the sting and allows you to brush such incidents to the side.

  • Performance. If you ask athletes, entrepreneurs, and entertainers about the things that help them perform the best, confidence is sure to be near the top. That’s because self-confidence enables you to overcome obstacles and push through challenges without fear of failure.

  • Mental health. Doubt, rejection, and fear all place strains on your psychological well-being. It has been clinically proven that positive self-esteem and high levels of self-confidence are good indicators of stable mental health, because of the diminished level of these strains on your personal psychology.

  • Physical health. Believe it or not, self-confidence can actually benefit your physical health by reducing stress – which is known as the silent killer.

Ways to bolster confidence

Do you feel like you could use a little more self-confidence in your life? The majority of people do not reach their full potential because of shaky self-esteem.

It’s time for you to obtain happiness, social comfort, improved performance, mental health, and physical health. Here a few specific ways in which you can feel more confident on a daily basis:

  • Exercise. Exercise has multiple benefits for self-confidence. First, it reduces stress and fills your body with endorphins designed to boost your mood and reduce physical pain. This leaves you feeling better all over, which leads to more confidence. Second, exercise can help you lose weight and build muscle. A toned body will give you more confidence in social situations by making you proud of how you look.

  • Diet. A healthy diet goes hand in hand with exercise. It also has the two-fold benefit of making you feel and look better. By eliminating foods that cause inflammation in the body and focusing on healthy, natural alternatives, you can feel much better than you ever thought possible. This will also help you lose excess fat, which often has a negative effect on self-confidence.

  • Positive relationships. There’s almost always a direct correlation between high self-confidence and positive relationships. On the flip side of the equation, people who have poor relationships often suffer from a lack of self-esteem. If you don’t have positive, healthy relationships, consider cutting ties and moving on. By surrounding yourself with positive people, you’ll find yourself full of confidence and happiness.

  • Reversal of aging. One final way to establish self-confidence is through the reversal of physical aging. Much like excess weight, people are shamed by age marks, wrinkles, and scarring. If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider anti-aging treatments. The key when choosing an anti-aging treatment is to go with something that’s natural and non-invasive. Serums that are high in natural ingredients are usually preferable to chemical alternatives, as detailed in this video from L’dara.

Rediscover your confidence

Don’t let negative habits and poor decisions keep you from attaining full self-confidence. You have a right to be proud about who you are and nothing should hold you back.

Consider implementing some of these tips to improve your self-confidence and win your rightful share of happiness.

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