Weighing Systems Hold Business in Balance for Various Types of Companies


Weighing equipment and scales have become an important tool for many companies and organizations. They are used in many fields of business, including manufacturing, retail, medical, packaging, and even for domestic purposes.

Recent advances in technology have driven these measurement devices forward in previously unserved or underserved industries. Below are several key examples.

Pharmaceutical compounding

Throughout the pharmaceutical compounding field, accuracy is key to improving patient compliance in the creation of personalized medicine. In such a labor-intensive field, precision is essential when formulating tablets, capsules, liquids, and/or gases.

When a large dosage needs to be scaled down, or a patient has an allergy to a dye or other ingredient, a laboratory balance is an extremely effective tool for a pharmacist or lab. With the inclusion of this type of laboratory equipment, a pharmaceutical compounding facility be well prepared to avoid inconsistent production.

Food technology

A method of measuring specific ingredients by weight is the driving need behind the demand for accurate, consistent, and cost-effective food products. In baking, for example, recipes are based on chemistry: exact amounts of ingredients are critical for the final food item.

Food technologists require precise scales and balances to help them maintain a recipe’s consistency. With cutting-edge weighing applications, such as percent weighing (using baker’s percentage software), check weighing and totalization, organizations both large and small have been able to reap the benefits of the new wave of digital scales and balances.


The use of an analytical balance in forensic laboratories has become a vital in helping to determine the outcome of high-stakes crime cases. Technicians may be tasked to measure increments at extremely low levels, because if they’re measured incorrectly, evidence veers toward an incorrect conclusion.

When measuring samples, external conditions such as humidity, electrostatic events, and even minute vibrations from nearby equipment must all be taken into account to arrive at accurate results.

A&D, specialist in manufacturing & export

If you’re looking for a company that provides high-quality manufacturing in the field of weighing equipment and exports globally, A&D in Australia has earned a solid reputation in providing these services, which dates as far back as 1946.

Their weighing instruments form an integral part of manufacturing and testing processes in industry, science, and education sectors both locally and around the globe.


Constantly innovating, A&D launched a “checkweighter” in Japan to provide a high level of operation specification at a very low entry price. This equipment is used to monitor, measure, control, and simulate engines and other automotive components under development.

Australia Post

Testimony to the accuracy and reliability of the A&D product line, Australia Post has used their equipment for more than 10 years. A&D’s postal mail scale is produced specifically for precise letter and parcel weighing, and these postal scales interface directly with the Australia Post mail system.

Weighing caffeine?

One might think it’s unimportant to weigh caffeine, but with coffeemakers who want to provide the utmost in quality for their customers, it’s crucial to producing a fine cup of coffee. To that end, A&D Australasia’s Weighing Division recently solved a problem for local boutique coffee blender and roaster Veneziano Coffee.

The company designed a customized, portable weigh hopper that reduced OH&S risks and significantly improved their blending process.

It’s hard to find companies in the weights and balance industry that have a long and solid record. A&D’s manufacturing know-how and global experience should make it your first choice in measurement instrumentation and process control.

The firm has an extensive range of measurement and testing products as well as a highly skilled team of professionals for factory automation, calibration services, system design and integration projects.

To learn about their full range of weighing equipment, other products and services, please check their website.

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