Turning Heads with Stunning Storefront Presentations

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How does your business stack up when it comes to getting noticed? Whether your retail store is located in a densely populated area or small town, you’ll need to have superior signage to beat the competition. People will often make split second decisions to visit a brick-and-mortar business location based on how the storefront looks. Are you able to effectively communicate your brand image and purpose to people walking and driving by?

Sprucing Up the Exterior

How long has been since you’ve touched up the paint outside of your store? Do you have lights that will illuminate your signage after hours? How clean are your windows? If you aren’t sure, this can mean that you’re out of touch with the presentation of your business. Dedicating time to visual maintenance can vastly improve your storefront appeal and create a more inviting look. Weather proof your outdoor fixtures with liquid repelling paint and sealants.

Think of creative ways to spruce up your store’s security hardware. Purchase theft detection sensors that blend in well with your storefront colors. Install surveillance cameras in conspicuous areas, but don’t let this technology interrupt the visual flow of your storefront window display.

Maximize Your Space

Clutter inside of a retail space can lead to customers turning tail and leaving your establishment. Reduce the amount of visual noise by investing in spacious storage containers and put unnecessary supplies out of sight. Take a walk-through of your store with a retail visuals expert. If there are fixtures that get in the way of viewing products or walking through the aisles, then you’ll need to rearrange these obstacles. Wall space is often overlooked, and it can do wonders in freeing up your floor space.

Just take a look at the shelving units at Thomas Schuhe, a high-end fashion shop in Munich, Germany. They position their high-heeled shoes on well-lit pedestals, with shelving modules giving products an art gallery feel. This presentation can transform the customer experience. Viewers are less likely to leave products strewn around the store in chaos, because the items are so carefully presented. Think of storage and presentation solutions that will maximize your space, reduce clutter, and show off your product in a way that meshes with your brand identity.

Promotions in the Details

Does your store have easily accessible paper media for customers to take? Many people erroneously think that paper advertising is dead. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. During the 2013 government shutdown in the U.S., a tourism company known as Destination DC took to the streets, handing out flyers to notify visitors about open businesses. These paper flyers helped retailers in Washington DC cater to residents and vacationers, who might have assumed that these stores were closed for the shutdown.

Visitors who find a new favorite store want to share it with their friends and loved ones. Having a well-designed flyer and business card can serve as a reminder to return, which your fans can easily share with others. Place your business cards and promotional flyers near a high-traffic area of your store, like the cash register or near the exit.

Clear Signage

Can your business be identified from a few blocks away? The typography, logos, and color scheme should help customers immediately identify your brand, even if they can’t read the text right away. Just think about the signage at Apple and Microsoft stores – their distinct logos effectively convey their brand without the use of text. Incorporate clear and compelling branded messages with your signage, encouraging people to stop by.

Craft a winning store display strategy by setting up a regular upkeep schedule, organizing your store interior, producing paper promotional materials, and designing clear signage. Look to other successful brands to see how they maintain appearances. Basic visual housekeeping can make your store a very inviting place for customers to visit.

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