Sell Your House Fast Using Social Media


Social media is a lot of things. It’s a great way for long-distance families to stay connected. It’s an excellent tool for promoting your business, and it’s a fun distraction when you’re waiting in line at the store or to board your flight.

Social media is also a great way to promote the sale of your home. You can use it to post photos of your home, promote an open house, and make a larger audience aware of your home’s existence.

Do some groundwork

If you are working on your home in preparation for putting it on the market, try promoting it a bit early. Link photos of your kitchen remodel to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Let your friends and family see what you’re doing, and encourage them to promote your photos on their own pages, which will expand your audience.

By allowing others to see the work you’re putting into your home, you enable them to see the space as it improves. It also plants it in the minds of potential buyers or friends who might know a potential buyer.

Just think: If an acquaintance sees your great new kitchen on Facebook and happens to mention it when someone says they’re looking for a new place in your area, you’ve just landed a potential buyer.

Ask your Realtor if he or she uses Facebook

While it’s impossible to know how many homes sell because of social media, there is evidence that homes featured on social media websites tend to sell faster. For example, if your Realtor places photos of your home on her Facebook business page, she expands your audience.

Those people might not be in the market for buyers, but they now have the ability to forward your home photos and links to someone they know who might be in the market for a home like yours.

Promote interesting facts

You can use social media to help you promote interesting facts about the area where you live, or to offer interesting facts about your home. For example, if you live in a neighborhood in which a famous movie was filmed, tweet that and add a link to your home’s photos and listing.

If your home is part of a historical area of town, if it was once a stop on the underground railroad or occupied by the owner of a famous restaurant, tweet that with a link to your listing. Sparking the interest of buyers with interesting facts is a way to get their feet in your door.

More tips for making a fast home sale

You can use social media to your advantage to sell your home, but there’s also a long list of additional tips you can consult to make a quick sale of your home. For one, you should know how to price your home correctly. You need to know how to stage your home, and how to choose simple projects to do around the house that will make it more appealing to buyers.

The Internet makes it so simple for buyers to find a home through real estate websites. However, it also makes it possible for buyers to find your home through promotions and listings. The more clever and interesting your usage of social media to sell your home, the more intrigued potential buyers you could attract.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your home online to make it sell quickly. However, before you start sharing your house via social media, make sure you’ve learned all you can about preparing your house for sale so you can make it happen faster.

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