Savvy Real Estate Agents Use Video Technology To Boost Conversions


It’s not hard to see how a slick sales video could increase the amount of buyer interest in a property that’s for sale. With current technology, real estate agents are able to create videos that would have been impossible to produce in the past.

Internet video is a serious and influential medium. Within three years it’s been estimated that it will constitute about 69 percent of all Internet traffic. Real estate agents who take advantage of this can easily convey the value and benefits of a sale property to thousands of hungry buyers.

When it comes to making commissions from selling properties, video has the potential to move properties. If it can increase your conversions, then it puts money in your pocket.

Why aren’t more real estate agents using video?

Diving into a new advertising medium can be an intimidating challenge. Many real estate agents are comfortable with their successful routines, so they may avoid tactics that stray too far from their norm.

True, high-quality videos require some investment, and some agents probably aren’t willing to invest money in a process they haven’t mastered. When you create a video, you have to pay a third-party company to produce it, or you can sink some money into professional equipment of your own.

If you buy the equipment, you need to spend time learning how to shoot, edit the footage, and maintain your gear.

Videos boost sales

According to, about 90 percent of homebuyers start their home search online. With the popularity of social media soaring, it makes sense to take advantage of video before everyone else catches on to the trend.

More than 75 percent of Americans have access to a computer at home. If you can convince just a couple of those people to do business with you, then you can expand your annual profits.

The great thing about videos is that people enjoy watching them. You don’t have to create an opulent production to hold a potential buyer’s attention. Home buyers form most of their opinions from visual stimuli, so they would rather watch a video than read about a property.

Save time with real estate videos

People aren’t fond of wasting a whole day going from viewing to viewing. When you produce videos for the properties you’re selling, this is more convenient for your clients. That alone will convince some people to choose your services over your competitors.

When potential customers watch your videos, it saves you a lot of time. They can research homes and condos they are interested in; and after they do this, they’ll have a narrow list of properties they would like to visit.

You don’t waste time taking them around to properties you only think they’ll like; you can now take them to the properties they have already developed some interest in.

Producing real estate video takes some time and knowledge, but it’s a market that currently has comparatively little competition. If you take advantage of areas that other agents are ignoring, you stand to enjoy a healthy edge.

Video technology is here to stay, so you might as well take advantage of it while there’s still very little competition.

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