Realtors Cultivate a New Audience Through Social Media


The real estate business has its extreme ups and downs, but it’s usually a highly competitive activity. Realtors seem to pop up all over when a popular property comes up for sale.

To stand out from the crowd, Realtors need to create an online presence. With most people using one or more social media sites, when you can become a familiar name in their news feed, that’s a smart way to gain and keep clients.

A few key strategies can give you an edge when you’re cultivating a new audience through social media.

Start with one site

Don’t sign up for multiple social sites in the beginning; concentrate on one. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram are perfect first-time sites to launch a marketing blitz.

Make yourself familiar with all the account settings, limitations, and benefits. Start adding friends or followers, particularly former and current clients, as well as colleagues. Starting an online conversation may break the ice with a potential client that has been shy otherwise.

Continue communication online to make this habit a comfortable one.

Add icons to website

The Internet thrives on links and other connections between sites. Once one social media site is active, add an appropriate linking icon to the original Realtor’s website.

When clients visit the site for listing information, they can click on the link, which instantly takes them to a specific Realtor’s account and posts. When people see that the Realtor has a social media account, they may add the professional to their friends or followers.

Any person who adds the Realtor to his or her social media site now has the news feed continually on hand for review.

Pictures are a must

Pictures are especially helpful in the real estate industry. Realtors can describe properties in text form, but a picture is more effective than thousands of words. Sign up for Pinterest or Instagram to add photos easily at home or on the go.

Add several photos for one property. Include interior and exterior shots, preferably on a sunny day. Natural light adds beauty to a picture, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Create traffic with human interest stories

Clients will avoid a Realtor’s social media news feed if it’s constantly self-promotional. Consider adding human interest stories that are relevant to the home sales industry.

For example, upload a blog post about home painting tips or personal money management. The key is to generate conversation and possible shares.

If a client shares your post with others online, it drives traffic to the website and social media site for even more exposure.

Keep it up

Some people sign up for a social media site, either for personal or business reasons, and subsequently ignore it. To make the platform work for a successful Realtor, tweets, updates, and blogs need to be updated several times a week.

Ideally, Realtors need to engage clients online on nearly a daily basis. Only take on another social media site when the first one is busy and gets consistent attention. An ignored conversation reflects poorly on the Realtor.

A potentially lucrative audience is online and waiting for enterprising real estate agents. Social media brings people together to discover new properties and purchasing possibilities.

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