Real Estate Professionals Get Mobile With Apps


Mobile apps are defining the competition between real estate agents in the same area. Not only do cell phones offer a quick way to jot down notes, they can complete a sale while the parties are on the go. For this reason, real estate representatives are losing out if they don’t carry one.

A phone that has more apps

Different phones feature different apps. It’s important that that agent asks many questions before purchasing one for his or her company.

For example, you’ll prefer to own a smartphone rather than a flip phone. Flip-style phones cannot run the apps available on the smartphone market.

A smartphone is needed that has some sort of Internet connectivity. This connectivity can be via a satellite network or a Wi-Fi network. A satellite network is more practical for the agent on the go, however, because he or she will not have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot.

One smartphone model, the iPhone, has been ahead of the competition recently. This phone uses the iOS market to deliver powerful real estate apps.

The other market for apps is called Android. This market can be accessed on any smartphone that uses an Android operating system on it. There are also many tablets available for both markets that are easier for you to read while you’re on the move.

The Zillow real estate app

This is one of the most powerful real estate apps to date. It runs on the iOS platform, which means that the agent needs to have an iPhone or iPad. The app features a database of more than 100 million homes for sale or rent.

If someone is driving around looking for nice homes on the block, the person can pull out an iPad and find instant information about the home. A real estate agent can do the same thing while trying to sell a home to a family.

The app uses a GPS locator to search for nearby homes, or the user can input a specific address. It will also allow the user to draw a radius around an area to search for homes.

One user said he found this to be extremely helpful when navigating. A map will pop up with all the available homes and their price ranges. It’s sort of like having a weather map with different temperatures everywhere.

Once the user finds an available home that’s desirable, he or she can save it on the map and be notified if the home gets sold to someone else.

Using different features of a phone

A smartphone is extremely versatile in functionality. It can serve as a weather device or be used to jot down important notes about a home.

If the home is in a location that receives extreme weather changes, the agent will know the perfect time to set up an open house for a family to look at the home.

While many apps come at a cost, various free versions are available to any real estate agent. A smartphone also makes for an easy way to navigate the homes for sale in any area. Get help on the Internet if you’re finding an app too hard to figure out at first.

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