Plumbing Problems? [Infographic]


No one wants to spend time worrying about household plumbing, especially not during the winter when low temperatures can cause the water in old pipes to freeze.

You especially want to avoid that before the holiday season when long vacations can result in pipe explosions, floods, and water damage.

Even though plumbing is an essential convenience, it functions primarily in the background of our lives … that is, until we’re standing knee-deep in a flooded basement.


Ignoring plumbing problems can be dangerous

Although plumbing is a mysterious and hidden aspect in most households, it’s important to approach repairs with a level head. If your problem doesn’t place your family or home in any direct danger, then you can consider repairing your current pipes instead of investing in replacements. (But remember: flooding can cause electrocution, bodily injury from falling or slipping, and even breed hazardous mold spores.)

To repair or replace: that is often the question

Think of your plumbing system as you would any major household appliance. Is it old, unreliable, damaged, or a drag on your utilities bill? If so, you might want to consider a brand-new system; if not, make the small fixes as needed.

Inconveniences like leaky faucets, clogged disposals and drains, and lousy temperature moderation are rarely symptoms of a larger issue, but if you’ve got old pipes (especially lead ones) or perpetually battle an overflowing toilet, then you’re probably due for an overhaul.

Either way, call a plumber. Now you know which problems are serious and which are an easy fix, you can hire a professional without fear.