Packing for Your Next Tropical Vacation Getaway


The temperature across most of the United States at the moment is inspiring; inspiring families, couples, and individuals to get online and book a Caribbean getaway, that is. With the holidays behind us and the promise of a long winter ahead, it’s not uncommon for travelers to want to escape for a long weekend or full week away, in a tropical paradise.

The Caribbean is a popular travel destination for many Americans because it’s easily accessible. Most people can arrive at any number of Caribbean airports in a matter of just a few hours after boarding their flight, and the views in the tropics aren’t exactly depressing.

However, many find it a challenge to pack for a tropical vacation when the snow is falling steadily out their bedroom windows. Here are some useful tips.


It’s always a wise decision to pack layers while vacationing. While it’s rarely cold in the Caribbean at any point during the year, a few light sweaters or jumpers make good travel companions, especially in your carry-on luggage.

Planes and airports are often chilly. You never know when an evening breeze off the beach will have you reaching for a light sweater to wear over your light dress. There’s no need to go overboard; however, one or two light sweaters will get you through cold airport security lines and evenings on the beach throughout your vacation.


For the most part, you’ll live in your swimwear when you’re in the Caribbean. You’ll want at least two swimsuits during your stay: one to wear now while the other is drying from yesterday. But sometimes more is better. You’ll also want swimsuit cover-ups.

The key to maintaining great style in the Caribbean is with your accessories. You’ll put on your swimsuit in the morning and wear it all day. However, you’ll need cover-ups when you dine and shop at the resort. For this reason, stylish cover-ups are necessary.

A big tee shirt or jean shorts and a tank aren’t resort casual. Pick up a few sheer cover-ups in pretty fabrics. They’re great daytime wear and they make for easy items to pack, even in the smallest of carry-on suitcases.

Evening wear

Evening wear in the Caribbean is not exactly formal. However, you’ll want to pack a few items that are both lovely and acceptable to wear to dinners. This can include anything from maxi dresses to mini dresses. Light fabrics in pretty summery colors work best.

To keep your luggage light and avoid paying overweight luggage fees or needing to check additional luggage, choose items that can be worn with the same accessories. It saves space to pack only one or two pairs of evening shoes, jewelry, and clutches that go with multiple dresses than it does to pack individual accessories for each dress.


One of the mistakes many travelers make when vacationing in the Caribbean is wasting space by packing towels of their own. Sure, your own monogrammed towel is lovely, but it’s not practical to pack it along. And who wants to bring that damp, wet mess home in their luggage at the end of their vacation?

Another challenge when you’re packing for a beach vacation is what to do about large hats. To prevent them from becoming crushed or misshapen, stack them together and place your swimsuits, undergarments, tee shirts, or robe inside the head of the pile of hats to hold the shape.

Place the hats in your luggage first and pack around them. It saves space and the shape of your hats.

Packing for a tropical vacation is difficult when the weather isn’t so great outside your own front door. It’s especially difficult when you aren’t sure what to pack. However, the above tips can help you pack efficiently, lightly, and effectively for your much-deserved Caribbean getaway.

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