3 Best Women’s Shoes for Travel


Let’s be honest, ladies: we’re not going to attempt to scale the Great Wall of China in our Jimmy Choos, are we? This doesn’t make the Jimmy Choos bad, by any means; they just aren’t appropriate for every situation.

A lot of women love to accessorize and have plenty of choices, but we have to pack smart when we’re traveling. Here are three ways to make the most out of every traveling experience by having the right shoes.

1. Comfy shoes

Comfort is subjective; for example, I hate to wear flats, but some women love them. You need to make sure that you have comfortable shoes when you travel.

The comfort-versatility ratio needs to be assessed as well. Will you be scaling the Great Wall? Or hiking in the Redwoods?

Then you probably need some shoes with arch support. You also want a pair that won’t give you blisters. But if you’re going on a beach vacation, you might just need some flip-flops for comfort when strolling across the pool deck.

Maximize space if you’re taking sneakers or hiking boots by packing socks and underwear into the empty space in the shoes. Then wrap each individual shoe in a plastic bag to make sure your clothes don’t get dirty.

Flip-flops or flats don’t take up much space and can usually be lined up against the “walls” of your suitcase. Also, make sure you wear shoes that will slip on and off easily on days you have to go to the airport, and keep a warm pair of socks handy in case your toes get cold on the plane.

2. Heels

Ladies traveling for business or night-life will definitely want to pack some heels. Make sure you have office-appropriate heels that you can stand to wear all day long.

I won’t say heels that are “comfortable” because, while I don’t usually like to generalize, it’s pretty much a universal truth that heels aren’t comfortable. They just have varying degrees of “uncomfortable.” That being said, work heels need to be a little more conservative (but still cute!) like ankle boots or reasonable-height stilettos.

If you’re traveling for the nightlife, take your favorite dancing shoes. Just make sure they’ll stand up to your grooving! If you’re planning to go out for more than one night and want to save luggage space, make sure you’ve got versatile heels that will go with a bunch of different outfits.

If you’re bringing boots, you can pack them against the sides or put socks and scarves in the boots to save space.

3. Casual

If you’re not going to be doing a lot of walking, you can just take some casual shoes to run out for a meal or a quick walk. These can be your cuter, less functional shoes.

I would take my Converses, but some ladies might opt for flats or sandals here. That’s up your personal preference and style, of course.

Options are pretty key here, as well: if you’re packing, you might be tempted to take your very favorite purple and orange shoes that go great with that one outfit. But it’s smarter to opt for shoes that mix and match well.

And I’m just going to throw this out there: make sure to leave some room in your bag. We inevitably buy things when we travel, and we have to be able to bring them home with us. I’m just saying that a pair of shoes to commemorate your travels is never a bad idea.