10 Reasons to Visit Australia


If you’ve been thinking of visiting Australia, now’s the time to do it. There are miles of white sandy beaches, museums and art galleries, and incredible wildlife all waiting for you.

Australia has a lot to offer, and you’ll certainly be surprised at what you can find Down Under. Consider the following ten reasons you should choose Australia for your next vacation destination.

1. The climate

When planning your trip, you should consider the weather. Since Australia’s seasons are opposite to the U.S. and Europe, Australia’s summer months are around December, which makes it a perfect destination if you’re trying to escape a cold winter.

The best time to visit is generally around September when Australia sees its lovely spring months.

2. Beautiful beaches

You could easily spend your entire vacation on Australia’s beaches and never even bother to explore the cities and history. There are miles and miles of clean, safe beaches for you to explore and relax on … just remember to bring some sunscreen.

3. The people

Australia isn’t just a great place to visit, but a wonderful place to live as well. The locals are known for being kind and helpful to tourists, which means you’re sure to have a great experience everywhere you go.

4. Art and culture

No matter where you end up in Australia, you’re going to run into interesting culture, incredible art, and exciting nightlife. Sydney is a great place to explore on your vacation, since it’s acultural hot spot, with amazing restaurants, shops, arts, sports, and museums.

5. Great museums for kids and adults

Australia doesn’t just have great city life, but there’s a lot to learn about its history and the life of the native Aborigines. You might choose to devote a day to strolling through art and history museums to experience every aspect of Australian culture.

6. Explore the water

Although there’s a lot to explore on land, there’s an entire other world in Australia’s oceans. Go snorkeling through the Great Barrier Reef or rent a sailboat or surfboard to experience the waves. The expansive blue waters are home to incredible fish and plant life, and there are plenty of water sports to keep you busy.

7. Discover the wildlife

If there’s one thing Australia is known for, it’s the wildlife. From some of the most deadly creatures to the cutest and most cuddly, Australia is home to just about every kind of critter you can think of, and then some.

During your visit to Australia, you’re sure to run into some eye-opening animals, either in zoos or out in their natural habitat.

8. From rain forests to the great outback

A vacation to Australia can easily feel like three or four vacations all rolled into one. Aside from the cities and the beaches, there are the miles of ancient rain forests, prehistoric Aboriginal towns, and the great expanse of the outback. With so much to discover, you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone.

9. Great guided tours

Get out and see the numerous environments Australia has to offer with guided tours. Not only will you see great scenery, animals, and people, but your tour guide can point out important spots and help you learn more about the history of Australia and its people.

10. Save money by booking customizable vacation packages

With any vacation, there’s a lot to plan: the flight, hotel, transportation, tours, and other activities. You can save time and money by booking a vacation package that lets you choose from flights, luxury resorts, and tours, and comes with trips through Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef.

One-stop shopping like this is going to make your trip to Australia worry-free and let you get beyond the planning and worrying and into having fun.

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