Staying Safe from Social Media Stalkers

Stalking is not merely limited to the physical form where stalkers appear from nowhere and are practically in the victim’s face most of the time. Stalkers have a way of being there wherever the object of obsession is. In the case of social media stalkers, they will be the ones who know all moves, communication, and interaction made online by the person being stalked.


Social Media Stalking

The use of social media has opened up a whole new platform of making people’s lives miserable through stalking. In social media stalking, the stalker need not even be near the person being stalked to cause unease and disturbance. In fact, the online stalker may even be on another part of the world while monitoring the online activities of someone he or she fancies.

Social media stalking may start casually enough starting from some mild interest attracted by a photo or a message in any social media platform. Interest can escalate into stalking once it is taken  into obsessive levels. All too suddenly, a person may realize that someone is purposely trying to be part of all the social media networks he or she is part of. What’s worse is that the stalker  begins to live his or her life online essentially by reacting and anticipating the actions of the person being stalked. The unwelcome presence will be unmistakable as there is usually no effort to hide it.

Keeping Safe from Social Media Stalkers

The number one way of keeping safe online is not to divulge too much information that will actually put you right on the path of social media stalkers. Unless you have been specifically singled out for some reason by a stalker, it is usually the ones who proved the most information online that becomes the “piece de resistance” for stalkers. Why? Because they have been specifically provided with their strongest weapon: personal information.

The stalker’s  knowledge of personal information usually lends a degree of power over the person concerned. The right information will provide him or her that strategies and the timing to create the right “attack”. Truth is said to set us free but it can easily be the opposite when the truth is something shameful or wrong.

It would be best to keep private matters private. Strangers are on a need to know basis only and that includes social sites and online groups that you join. Social media use can never be absolutely safe but it can be made a lot safer starting by respecting your own privacy.

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