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Top Tricks to Make Kids Eat their Veggies

It’s true that kids become picky with the food they eat as they grow older from being a toddler. Many refuse to eat vegetables despite reminders from their parents and teachers that they contain lots of nutrients needed by the body compared to the less healthy food they prefer to eat.

But parents need not despair as there are steps they can take to ensure that their children eat healthy moving forward. It just takes some patience, a little creativity and research on the internet. There are no fast rules.


Take it or leave it

Experts would say that it’s never a good idea to let kids choose the food they want to eat all the time. It’s okay to let them pick occasionally but it’s best that they stick to what is served on the table.

Small children should be taught to eat what their parents prepare and not request for a separate meal. This way, they will learn to eat what is there. If they don’t like the food, they’ll have to suffer the consequence of not being able to eat.

Limit Snacking

Limiting snacks is also an effective way of letting kids eat healthy and well-balanced meals. This should be done at least two hours before mealtime so that they can eat right.

Snacking should also be avoided after mealtime particularly if the child did not eat his or her dinner.

Be Creative

Parents, especially moms, need to learn to be a little more creative when preparing their kid’s food. Presentation is a sure way to make the food attractive to kids and hopefully make them eat it too.

Make sure to use only small slices of veggies when preparing food. Then use them to create funny or popular figures your children are very familiar with.

Mix It In

Did you know you can actually incorporate tiny bits of vegetables into your kid’s meal? You don’t have to tell them the veggies are there, though. It won’t hurt them if they don’t know as long as they’re able to eat the food you prepared.

For example, carrots can be grated and then mixed with burger patties. When cooked, kids won’t see any trace of this Vitamin A-rich veggie.

When baking bread, you can also chop leafy veggies into tiny bits and then mix them with the dough.

The Three Try Rule

Another trick you can follow is to encourage your child to try new food. Research has shown that it normally takes three separate exposures for something to become familiar to people. And when that thing is already familiar, there’s little chance of resistance.

With your kid, you can impose this three try rule. This means not allowing a child to refuse the food unless he or she tries it three separate times via three different meals.

Following this rule is sure to encourage them to at least try tasting the food so that when they’ve tried it in three instances, their taste buds would have already become familiar with the food.

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