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Most Popular Photos on Instagram

Instagram has gained much popularity last year with numerous people owning smart phones creating accounts on the platform. Their goal? To document their daily lives and share those images with friends and even the rest of the world.

Celebrities including rappers, chefs and athletes have also gone crazy over Instagram and now are among the most popular users of the site. They include Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Instagram owners report an estimated 55 million photos are uploaded on the network on a daily basis and this is on a global basis. Based on the site’s findings, the place where people took the most Instagram pictures was in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon Mall while New York City was the most photographed city.

We share here some of the best photos on Instagram for 2013. Find out if your favorite is here.

Justin Bieber and Will Smith

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with nearly 1.5 million likes, there’s no doubt that this is the most popular picture on Instagram. The Canadian pop singer who has 12 million followers on the photo sharing site uploaded this to his account sometime in August with the caption “Me and uncle Will.”

The photo shows the two standing outside a house with Bieber donning a cap and white shirt and wearing a large gold necklace with an Egyptian pendant. This 19-year-old singer has so far uploaded 1,100 photos on his Instagram account.


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Beyonce has two very popular photos on the site and they made it to the Top 5 throwback Thursday photos list. One is captioned “When we were 15!” showing her with former Destiny’s Child group members. This photo is at the fourth spot while another picture from her “De ja vu” video is at the second spot.

Just this start of the new year, the singer got criticized for posting a photo on Instagram showing her posing in front of a Last Supper painting. For this picture, she received negative comments from other users of the popular photo sharing site.

Niall Horan

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The most popular #TBT photo on Instagram was by Nial Horan of the One Direction boy band. The selfie photo showed Horan recording a song with no shirt on.

Niall Horan is rumored to be in a relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin with whom he spent the New Year’s Eve watching the Gary Barlow concert.

Those fond of taking photos of varied subjects can also share their best pictures not only on Instagram. They can even submit it to Instagram photo challenges where their works can be displayed and rated on other sites.