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5 Things to Remember When Throwing a Party for Your Employees


Company parties, depending on the firm, are something your employees look forward to either with excitement or dread. Since you don’t want to be the kind of employer who throws dull parties your employees dislike having to attend, knowing how to liven things up will help.

Here are five tips to help you organize a great company party.

1. Create a theme

It’s easier to get your employees into an event if you have a theme. Make it a costume party that requires costumes from a certain era; or, if the party is being held during the holidays, announce a contest to see who can wear the ugliest Christmas sweater. It gets people excited before the event.

2. Good food is hard to beat

Serving something decadent and delicious can make your party more successful. You don’t want to serve cold, bland food that does nothing for the palate. Instead, choose a catering company that can provide food that’s both decadent and easy to eat while mingling, such as canapes and bite-sized desserts.

3. Offer gifts to your guests

A little party favor is always appreciated, especially when it’s something good. Offer your guests a miniature bottle of champagne or a personalized mug or glass as they leave the party. A thank-you gift is always an effective way to remind your employees you value them.

4. Don’t make it mandatory

One of the worst things an employer can do when throwing a party for employees is make it mandatory and not allow spouses to attend. Instead, make it optional for your staff and encourage them to bring their spouses. This is more likely to put them in the party spirit, especially if they know you’ll be serving a few cocktails at the event.

5. Music matters

Nothing makes a party duller than a lack of good music. Your best bet is to hire a live band that covers some of the best songs ever recorded. Bringing in a great San Antonio band can make the difference between a dull event and one that has your employees on the dance floor having a great time.

Make sure you’re relaxed when the party starts. Your employees will look to you to set the tone for the party, and if you’re stressed or too formal, they’re less likely to enjoy themselves. Let them see you with a glass of wine or champagne so they know it’s okay to head to the bar.

Smile broadly when you greet your guests and make an effort to learn the names of their spouses. Also, don’t hesitate to get on the dance floor. The more fun you’re having, the more fun they’ll have as your guests. This is not the office.